Heirloom Audio Production Review

We recently had a review for the audio drama, Under Drake’s Flag, which was sent out to members of our review crew from Heirloom Audio Productions. We received the physical audio drama which included 2 cd’s that filled 2 hours worth of adventure, as well as the free study guide to go along with audio.
Analytical Grammar Review

Under Drake’s Flag This is a family friendly  audio adventure that is based on the novel from G. A Henty, Under Drakes Flag. The adventure about Ned Hawkshaw and his friend Gerald sailing under one of history’s greatest heroes, Sir Francis Drake. Ned faced being adrift at sea, fierce battles on land and sea, being shipwrecked. Through all the battles he faced during his adventures, he grew up developing faith and character while serving under Sir Francis Drake. 
Along with this drama you will receive a FREE Study Guide that goes right along with your listening. The study guide will cover the 19 sections of the audio drama, some sections including: The Opening, The Otter, The Invitation, In Plymouth Harbor, In The Carpentr’s Boat and others. Each section will cover the following: 
  • Listening Well – asks your child questions about what they heard from the audio.
  • Thinking Further – asks your child questions that go deeper, requires more investigating and draws conclusions about the actions or speculate intentions of the characters from the audio.
  • Defining word – inlcudes a small list of vocabulary words that were used through out the audio drama, that your child can look up and define and build their vocabulary.   


Also included in the back of the study guide is a list of resources to learn more about Sir Francis Drake and three Bible Study sections that cover Godly Character, True Manhood and Confessing Christ
This audio drama can be used with children 6 years and older. You can purchase this 2 cd audio physical set for $29.95, also included with your order will be four FREE Bonuses, or you can purchase the audio download for $20.00. Included with your downloaded order you will recieve two FREE Bonuses. (The noted prices are the prices at the time of this review and does not include S/H totals.) To order yours please click here.

When we first recieved the audio, we listened to it several different times. We love audios for homeschool, but we especially love that we can be on the go and have some stories to listen to while we are out on the go. Helps time pass, keeps some learning in our day and preoccupies the kiddo’s.  The audio story is full of adventure and held my kiddo’s attention, even sparked their own adventures to act out in their fun time. (Which was sort of amusing, I must admit.)  

After listening two the audio a couple of times, merely just trying to enjoy the adventure, I would toss out a few questions covering portions of the study guide. I didnt want to over do any questions like I was drilling them, but merely wanted them to stop and think about what I was asking and how it related to the audio. We did not use all of the study guide but we did hit and miss through out the study guide. All in all this is a great audio, even if you do not use the study guide I would definitely recommend the audio adventure. 

Other members on our crew are reviewing Under Drake’s Flag. Find out what they are saying by clicking the below attached review crew link.
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