Happy Kids Songs Review

Our review for Happy Kids Songs

Happy Kids Songs Review
We did a review for Happy Kids Songs music and workbook that teaches with hands on learning in building character, social and emotional skills through their workbook and incorporating fun music that also encourages in building these skills. 

Happy Kids Songs ReviewWe recieved a physical copy of the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills, this workbook sales for $12.56, not including shipping. We also recieved a digital download for three albums.  

Happy Kids Songs ReviewFriends & Sharing (Set 1) – This album has entertaining songs for children ages 4-8, that encourages with friendships, reaching out to others, sharing, saying goodbye and being happy while playing with friends. You have the option for purchasing through Amazon or on iTunes for $4.95, the full album or .99 each song. You can also listen to samples on the site.

Happy Kids Songs Review

Happiness & Attitude (Set 5) – This album focuses on positive thinking, handling limitations, pathways to happiness and complimenting, also for ages 4-8 
You have the option for purchasing through Amazon or on iTunes for $4.95, the full album or .99 each song. 

Happy Kids Songs Review 


Manners & Character (Set 6) – This album includes songs that focus on the value of honesty, learning manners, being considerate and honoring multiple perspectives, also for ages 4-8 You have the option for purchasing through Amazon or on iTunes for $4.95, the full album or .99 each song.


There are a total of 8 albums they offer, we got to review 3 of the albums. Once we recieved the downloads, immediately they were on a cd for the kiddos to listen to. I have portable cd players with headstones that these nutty little ones love listening to. They enjoy having their own music to listen to plus while they are bopping to music, sometimes I have the peace and quiet I search after and not always find. 🙂 The workbook we recieved covers all eight albums and is full of hands on activities to incorporate with each songs lesson on the albums. We have hit and missed lessons through the workbook, I fully plan to do every lesson through out this book, but first, I would like to complete the albums and have each one as I work through the book. Most of our time covering this review has been covering the songs more so then the book. I really like this book, I am a momma that always encourages the hands on approach in some if not all of your teaching lessons, regardless the age. The music my kiddos absolutely love. I find them periodically singing a tune through out the day. (giggles) I love hearing them sing to a good tune. Would I recommend this material. Absolutely!

If you would like to learn more about the Happy Kids Songs and their material, you can listen to the album samples here and also subscribe here to recieve songs and activities to check out for yourself if this will work for your family. 

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Other members on our crew also reviewed the Happy Kids Songs, find out what they are saying by clicking the below attached crew banner. Many thanks to the Happy Kids Songs for allowing us to review for you.

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