FREE Bible Writer CopyWork Curric — LIMITED TIME

Get this while it is still FREE – 9/10/14

We started this great writing copy book that I ran across over at Kirsten Joy Awake. Super awesome and my kiddos love it. I love that she offers the dotted letter tracing writing that shows children who are learning to write, plus she includes print and cursive all together with each verse. Easy use! I have one who is begging to learn cursive and another eager to learn but not in a hurry. 🙂

Right now we are doing the ABC’s Scripture Verses. Plain and simple if you are looking for copy work whether your kiddos are just learning to write, writing in print or learning cursive, this is a great FREEBIE you want to check out. I do not know how long this offer will be good for. So get it while you can now. You can save it for later and print when you are ready to use it.

Volume ONE has 90 pages and Volume TWO has 103 pages, and best of all again she is offering her BIBLE WRITER Copywork pdf’s FREE.

To get your FREE copies, click the attached links below:

Then scroll down and click BUY NOW — (they are FREE)
Then download your copy and print off.
Find out more about Kristen by clicking here.



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