Review for 3P Learning – Mathletics

Our review for 3P Learning : Mathletics
Mathletics Online Math ReviewMathletics is designed as a supplemental math that can be used along side of your current curriculum. It is used for students in grades K-12.
Mathletics is an online program, so you will need internet connection. However, on their site page attached here, it notes NEW, now you can use this program offline if you are using your tablet.  

On the Mathletics site there are 7 advantages to using this program:
1) Engage, 2) Target, 3) Diagnose, 4) Assess, 5) Report, 6) Fluency and 7) Mobile. 

They have 92 available assessments including the new common core (if you are concerned about the common core) and other state standards. On their site over 4 million students are using their program and it is being used across the country in schools. On Mathletics site they have a wide variety of resources and Free Classroom print offs. Plus once you are logged in on the Parents account you can print of workbook curric by grades. 

Our review crew was given a year membership for up to two students. We were emailed our login information and the link to go sign in and set up the accounts. I say accounts, because there is a parent account and each student has their own account. That is nice, but I just assume keep the students all on one login account, where all they have to do is just select their name and just keep the parent account separate. It becomes a pain when you have more then one account to keep after. Parents will need to set up their account and the students have the chance to set up their little person avatar to look like them or create their own little image. That’s some fun for them. 🙂 
Mathletics Online Math ReviewBefore I go on, I must note up front, I was a little disappointed with this program. When the email was sent out to the review crew with the proper links and login information, we were unable to access our accounts. I tried within the first couple of days several times and then honestly couldn’t get back to check in for about a week. When I got back on to check again after several more attempts we still had no access. I noticed that quite a few members on the crew were experiencing the same trouble. Some were able to login but could not do anything while the rest of us were stuck on the outside. I sent an email off asking for assistance, I was pleased to have a response within 24 hours or less. Within a day I was able to access the parent account and my second student but not my first. Rather then keep going back in forth, since the review was on at least one student, I just coped and used the one account. There was already enough frustration going on with the accessing the account and then getting on to the account only to be overwhelmed with to much information and instructions to do this or that. Honestly, my level of frustration was already out the window. It took me a couple of times to figure out the program.
There are downloadable instructions, hey that is great. But lets be honest, not everyone is good with the list of instructions, some of us do better with a quick visual of How To’s. I am suggesting rather then have a download of instructions, maybe show picture set up of instructions with a shorter detail or use a video walk through. Just an idea of course. 
Once you have finally logged in and set your accounts up, including the kiddo’s, they can begin working on a variety of activities. All they need to do is click on the activity they want to begin, click the tab open and start working. Once they complete all of the tabs in that activity section they can move on to their test. After your student finishes a week parents will be emailed a progress report keeping them up to date on their child’s progress. This is nice because sometimes I don’t have time to sit and go through a lot of accounts to check progress.  We have had a lot already going on this last couple of months. some unexpected, so we actually are a few lessons behind on this program. But from what my son did of Mathletics he did enjoy. There are a few topics we have not completed because we have not covered that section, which is fine, he can always go back work on it later. But for the most part he was pretty excited about what he was doing and doing well. Between my three younger kiddo’s, my son is the one who excels in Math. He did try a couple of activities which involved working problems that had double and triple digits in them, he is not quite use to working them just yet, but he did try them and for the most part he shocked himself and me, and did very well.
All in all, because this is a supplemental program, I would be ok with using it. However, there really is a lot of information and some for the most part can be confusing just because it is so much. For people are like me, visual learners, the instructions alone on set up was enough for me to be lost. Aside of that, my son enjoyed going on the program, he will probably use this off and on. My daughter was not to happy that she didn’t get to try it, but she will live. It was to frustrating in the beginning to manage both of them. Over all if I was going to give this a star rating, 5 being the best, I would have to give this one a 3.5, with the cons being the glitches and the confusion in the set up earlier on. The pros being that for most kids who like animation or on line learning this would be a good program for. But don’t just take my word for it. Head over and sign up for a FREE Trial of Mathletics. If you like what you see, right now you can purchase a  24/7, full year subscription for $59.00 per student, Regular price is $99.00.
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