Kinder Cottage Publishing Review

Kinder Cottage Publishing Review

Kinder Cottage ReviewWe did a review for Kinder Cottage Publishing on 2 of their books. We recieved the physical hardback book copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit & Peter Rabbit and the Little Boy.  Each of these books were orignally wrote by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus company in 1917. They have been well preserved and the stories are the original stories, they are just updated including words of todays language for todays children to understand.

These books are fairly thin, light in weight, and average a total of – up to – 64 pages. They are full of color and the series is based in the early 1900s, western civilization. While reading these books, not only are your children working on their reading skills, they are learning about history, culture, literature and Christian faith. Individually, you can purchase each of these books for $4.00 or you can purchase all 10 books for $30.00 at the Kinder Cottage site.

Kinder Cottage ReviewKinder Cottage Review
There are 10 books in the Peter Rabbit series and by clicking here, you can view other books they are offering. These books are good for children of the ages 3 – 9 years.

A tale of Peter Rabbit –  is about a rabbit named Peter, who likes to find ways to make trouble for himself. He is a mischevious little tyke. While his siblings follow the directions they are given and stay out of trouble, Peter gally vants off and creates his own little adventures if you will. The plot of this story is about following the directions given.  

Peter Rabbit and the Little Boy – Again, Peter (mischevious) Rabbit finds more trouble while beginning his day with some rough housing with his siblings. He is taken in on a time-out, so-to-speak, all the while he is looking for an other way to escape his punishment and set out on some more adventures and getting him in to more trouble. (This little rabbit reminds me of my son, sneaky, mischevious and curious…) 
While the whole plot of this story is about listening to your parents, again following directions, it also makes good points to remind us parents how our little ones think at times and how we need to be clear in our explanation of why it is important that they are to follow directions and listen to their parents or adult leader/teacher, and their safety.

About Kinder Cottage Publishing : Howard and Ann Closs started Kinder Cottage Publishing in 2012, to ensure their children would grow up with a love of learning about western civilization, history, culture, faith and literature. Their goals is to create products for parents that help to educate their children. 

We enjoyed reading both of these classical books and are grateful for the opportunity to have recieved them. I enjoyed most hearing, “lets read it again!” These books are fun, engaging and makes great for discussion. I found my kiddos trying to re-enact some of Peter Rabbits adventures. (giggles) For the price these are being offered at Kinder Cottage Publishing I cant pass recommending these great books. 

Kinder Cottage Review

Titles within the series are noted below:

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  2. Peter Rabbit at the Farm
  3. Peter Rabbit’s Christmas
  4. How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea
  5. Peter Rabbit Goes A-Visiting
  6. Peter Rabbit’s Easter
  7. Peter Rabbit’s Birthday
  8. When Peter Rabbit Went to School
  9. Peter Rabbit and the Little Boy
  10. Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper

Others in our crew are reviewing from Kinder Cottage Publishing, but they are reviewing different books. Find out what they are saying about Peter Rabbit by clicking the attached review crew link below this disclaimer.

Crew DisclaimerClick to read Crew Reviews


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