Homeschool Adventure Co. Review

Our review for HomeSchool Adventure Co. 

Home School Adventure Co.
We recently did a review for HomeSchool Adventure Co. on their material Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics. We received a digital download for the reader, student workbook and teacher addition.

Philosophy AdventurePhilosophy Adventure

Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics
is designed to help students cultivate and defend biblical world view. This material is best for children in grades 6 – 12. By teaching how to think critically, speak articulately and write skillfully as they learn the history of ideas.

You can get the Philosophy Adventure curriculum complete set for $89.95,
this includes everything with the teacher’s resource on cd; you can get the print edition with the student workbook on cd at the price of $69.95; the digital edition of the reader and all resources on cd at the price of $49.95; or get the full digital download for $39.95.

The Reader consists of:

  • 8 Lessons on 8 philosophers (Thales, Pythagoras, Xenophanes, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Empedocles, Protagoras and Democritus.) The lessons cover each philospher and teach about their life, how they were influenced by others and how they influenced others and things that happen in the world around them. 
  • Check List
  • Creative Writing 
  • Appenices

The Student Workbook consists of:

  • Notebook Pages
  • Creative Free Writing
  • Maps

The Teacher’s Resource consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Memory Cards
  • Timeline Resources
  • Master Map & Keys over the lessons
  • Quizzes and Keys

See more on the Philosophy Adventure in the below video.

To start out, because this was a download we had to print the pages out and bind them in a binder so our oldest could use it. She worked through a lesson each week, although she cheated and peeked in on the coming lesson. I will say after looking this material over ahead of time, your younger students that are in the lower grades of, 6 to 8th grade, may need you to be near as they work over each lesson. I would not go any younger then 6th grade with this material as it could be a bit overwhelming or a little over their head. The high schooler’s are perfectly capable of working through this on their own and join back for a discussion afterwards.

My oldest is in to philosophy and has been for quite some time. She enjoyed reading through this material. Truthfully, she really enjoys anything relating to ancient history and understanding different views. Best part I think was the additional help she got in speech and writing. I also will note that the reader and the lessons are wrote out to keep the student interested and engaged in to what they are learning. (Plus in my book, if its not interesting, she usually nags or complains about the material.) No complaints here. In her own words she notes, “Mom, it keeps you on your feet while you read through each lesson.”

For the parent, I recommend sticking with their schedule note inside the curriculum or you will honestly be all over the place and easily confused as there is so much information noted in this curriculum material. Over all, we really like this material and my daughter really enjoyed doing this material. We plan to re-visit the site again as there are a few other items being reviewed by our crew that peaked our interest. This is definitely worth checking out.

Did you know that  Homeschool Adventure Co. also offers High School Transcripts, Grades, Credits & FREE Webinar. If you would like to know how to incorporate their resources into your students high school transcripts, you will want to check out the FREE Webinar by clicking the above attached link. 

Homeschool Adventure Co. 
is offering 10% off until May 15, 2014.

Home School Adventure Co.
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