Our Victus Study Skills System Review

Our review on Victus Study Skills System
Victus Study Skills ReviewRecently we did a review for Victus Study Skills System. The Victus Study Skills  systems is an approach to study that is not just isolated skills or individual components, but more of thinking about study. This system not only allows your child to learn how to study, it also teaches your child how to set goals. While the usual study method is taught through note-taking, this system works by teaching skills that form a plan that will assist your child through out their life.
While Victus Study Skills System can be used with children ages 4 and up, this system works best for grades 5 – 12. However, it is noted that for younger students, the skills are very teacher intensive and mostly an introduction of concepts. By 8-10 years of age, these children should be able to work through the work book while they are also taught.  To view all of their products please click this attached link.
 We received both the Teacher Edition ($40.00) and the Student Workbook ($20.00) for this review. Both books being spiral paperback.            

Victus Study Skills Review

This system consists of 10 lessons to work through. Depending on the child using this system, it can take anywhere from 20 mins to an hour. Every child works differently and at their own pace. Some of the lessons included in the student workbook are noted below:

  • Introduction and Study Habits Checklist
  • Learning Strengths
  • Mission and Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Organization and Study environment
  • and five other lessons.

The teacher edition has an introduction on their philosophy of this system, teacher instructions, information covering each lesson noted in the student workbook. Along with this in the back is the appendix and some other tools to help assist you while using this system.
Our thoughts on this programMy oldest daughter used this program, she is finalizing her sophomore year and beginning some of her junior year. When she got this system to use for this review, her exact words were, “awe man!”  Needless to say her attitude made some huge improvements once we started using this system. Something she definitely needed help in was managing her time better, unfortunately I am not help to this. She also needed help in setting her goals and learning to reach within and work towards her goals so that she can achieve them. So this system came in handy A-L-O-T.
This system is a MUST GET for your middle school and high schooler’s. Especially if they already know what they want to do after high school, but they are not sure how to work towards their goals. Even if they do not know, this will help prepare them better. High schooler’s especially feel the pressures while trying to prepare for the life after school and going to College. Stressing for SATs and ACTs is a bear. A lot of kids today mis-manage their time, their schedules and cram hard for their studies. IF your wanting to help ease the level of stress, as my oldest said, “Tell them to get this!” Hey, I’m sold if she is going to go nuts over it. All I hear from her is how this system is effective and really helped her to get more focused, prioritise and study with out cramming (and cramming her work is all the child knows how to do).
There are a lot of huge benefits to this system. But the one thing she and I both agree on is, IF your child is not serious about learning a better approach on studying, organizing, prioritizing, planning their future, time managing and more, then this program would be a waste of your time. I’m supposed to be honest and I am being honest! 
They Victus Study Skills System teaches you how to make a schedule that works for you and to stick with it. For this system to be as effective as it was for my oldest, she admits that it was not easy to get out of her usual routine and old habits. But for this to be as effective, she needed to be serious about the system and at least try it by giving her all and she and I both have noticed a huge difference. I don’t see always see her with her nose in a book drilling a lesson. 🙂 
One thing she did ask for was to have more lessons. (What? My kid is asking for more!) The books we received were fairly small not enormous at all. Around about 80 pages give or take. All in all we both like this system. She is more prioritized than before and not just with her studies. She has more of an expectation and idea of how to work towards her goals and career while learning how achieve them. Very little that we disliked about this system.
Others on our schoolhouse crew are also reviewing this system. You can read what others are saying about this system by clicking the attached banner below the disclosure.Follow by Social Media at:
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