Free eBooks today

Free eBooks Today

Big Small Book of Opposites

Tween Girls and God, “Love”

Homeschool Secret

Gettysburg and Vicksburg

Timeline of Middle Ages

Meet Amazing Americans WorkBook

American Traveling Carnival


Biology:Understanding Structure of DNA

About Ants

Hubble Reveals

If you have a craving, I have a cure

English Fairy Tales

What a Jewel


Look at Out Solar System

Turtle Book For Kids

Coolest Kids Science Projects

Winter Olympics

Amazing Elephants

Lucy Pinkston and The Lost Mine

Pirate Bride

Night of The Great Polar Bear

Olinguito Speaks Up



  Keri L wrote @

Thanks for the Freebies! It defiantly helps making home-schooling much more affordable for me.
So, far I have found tons of stuff online, & being my favorite so far.
These ebooks will defiantly be a great addition to what I have 😉

  homeschool101 wrote @

Thank you Keri. I am glad to offer as many as free resources as I can to help other schoolers. Thanks for sharing and stopping by the blog. Happy Schooling.

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