Great Art Program

A lot of people off and on ask about Art programs, curriculum for kids. Through one of my affiliates, I was able to land these two art volumes of MIKES INSPIRATION STATION for a super discount. I absolutely recommend both of these volumes. We have tried others and I will note them below that are also good programs. 

Here are some of the drawings by my soon to be 9 yo. I posted this last night to our FB Fan Page. The top left picture of the family, TIP: Draw “Love” and then you form your family.

Here are the same pictures only from my 6 yo who will be 7 in March.

This program is designed for children 8 years old and up. However, if your youngest is fairly artistic already I am almost positive he/she will be able to do this program.

Mike is a great bible believing artist who is often seen on TBN. His art is well known and is often used with letters and number lessons. For instance the first picture above I mentioned earlier begins by writing out the word Love. That begins the art lesson from there. Through out the lesson he does not only keep focus on the art he is drawing but intwines a story in with the lesson. This not only teaches the children to draw but also engages them in with the lesson so they learn more then just drawing. There are other lessons where he uses numbers like 9,7,6 to begin the drawing lesson. 

In Volume One: Dvd’s 1-6 and includes:
  • Drawing Cartoons, Making Water Color Paintings, Drawing Dinosaurs
  • Creating Pastel Art, Let’s Draw A Cute Turtle
  • Light and Shading, Lets Draw A Funny Moon
  • Lets Draw a Joyful Heart, Lets Draw Goliath
  • Making Clothes Pin Puppets
  • Fun Fridge Art
  • Flower Pot Pals, Sculpt a Cute Dog
In Volume 2: Dvd’s 7-12 and inlcudes:
  • Fun Fish Projects, Creating Fun Clouds
  • Drawing A Shepherd and His Sheep
  • Making A Clay Eater Bunny, Drawing Jonah and The Whale
  • Drawing Laughter, Drawing Love
  • Drawing Animal Cartoons using Numbers, Drawing A Bluebird
  • Drawing A Cute Angel, Fun Christmas Project, All About Colors
These are really great dvd’s to check out. You can purchase them together (Both Volume 1 & 2) or find them individually to purchase. Another great thing about Mikes Inspiration Station is you can find some of his lessons on YouTube for Free.

I have attached links through out this post where you can find deals on his lessons or volume purchase. If you can not find local artist to do lessons with or curriculum you like. Then check out Mikes Inspiration Dvd’s. 

THIS IS NOT A REVIEW FOR MIKES INSPIRATION STATION. This is from our own personal experience in using these dvd’s.

Before I forget, You will see the results of these DVD’s within the first 15 minutes. NO DOUBT!

Other programs we have used and reviewed that we also enjoyed are noted below:


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