HURRY Ken Ham’s Special Offer

This special offer will expire in LESS then 72 hours from this end of tonight’s debate. (2/4/2014)

Right now get Ken Hams FOUNDATION Series on sale with 50% off of the sale price. Get this while you can NOW!

If you have wanted to own Ken Hams Foundation Series you can get it right now at a SUPER cheap price.

Regular price of the FOUNDATION DVD’ series is $89.94. This price is slashed and on sale now for $69.00. Better then this, you will get 50% off the sale price. 

Regular price for the FOUNDATION DVD curriculum is $115.91 also slashed and on sale for $79.00. Even better you are getting 50% off of the sale price.

Click the above attached Foundation link open that you are interested in and be sure to add it to your cart. You will need to either check out as a guest or make an account.

Once your ready to check out be sure to enter the below code.


REMEMBER: This offer is only good for the next – now 70 hours (after tonight’s debate). HURRY!


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