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Our latest review for  Notgrass Company 

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Our schoolhouse review crew is doing a review for the Notgrass Company. There are two separate reviews that will be taking place during this review time. The reviews will be on the following products by the Notgrass Company.

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About Notgrass company: The Notgrass Company produces a variety of curriculum for Bible, Art, Economics, Civics, Government, History, English and Literature, and others.  Much of their products are for Middle School and High School grade levels. However they do have material for K-8 grade as well. They also have material available as e-Books. You can learn more about the Notgrass Company and their resources by visiting them here at  The Notgrass About Us Page. 

What we received in the mail was the “America the Beautiful Curriculum Package.” Super STOKED about what all we received in the mail. The curriculum was bubble wrapped and protected well. In the package was the following items: 3 hard back books, 2 that are roughly 400 to almost 600 pages, 1 that is a little over 200 pages. Also we received 2 Spiral bound books and 3 Soft cover booklets.

This curriculum includes the following material:

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1.  America The Beautiful Part 1 & Part 2 Hard Back Books Each book includes 75 lessons inside. Book 1 includes: Life in America before Europeans came, continuing through to the first years after the civil war. Book 2 includes: America’s expansion into the lands west of the Mississippi River and continuing modern times. Both books include coloring and black/white illustrations.
2. (Includes 30) Maps of America The Beautiful
3. We The PeopleCollection of 150 Journal entries, newspaper articles, advertisements, poems, songs, letters, short stories & more.
4. Timeline of America The Beautiful: An illustrated timeline of American history from AD 1000 to the present. 
5. America The Beautiful Answer Key for the noted: Timeline, Student Workbook, Lesson Review, and the vocabulary assignments. 

(at the time of this post), This full curriculum retails for $99.95.

In with this curriculum we also received the following:

 America the Beautiful Student workbook(for grades 5-6) by Mary Evelyn McCurdy. This retails for $11.95.

This book is of find a words, cross words, codes, matching, drawing assignments and other hand work activities which review and reinforce information learned in the daily lessons. This book was designed for students in grades 5 and 6, and is suitable for older children who enjoy these types of activities. 

 America The Beautiful Lesson Review(for grades 7-8), also by Mary Evelyn McCurdy.  This retails for $9.95. 

This book has daily lesson and review questions, weekly quizzes, literature review and questions. This book was designed to help parents measure their child’s comprehension of the material and is designed for students in 7th and 8th grades. How ever, it is suitable for younger children who prefer this type of review.

Our thoughts about this curriculum and how we used it.
When I pulled the envelope out of the mail, I was super excited about getting in to the house and reviewing this curriculum. I am completely stoked about everything we received and the care of the packaging is always a plus. We were aloud to review a great amount of material which is always super exciting. 

I enjoyed this set of curriculum and I know my kiddo’s enjoyed using it. We worked together on this, I had my daughter read some and then I would read some. I like that there is room for discussion through out this curriculum. We did not use a lot of the activities, but we allowed room for a few. We used this at least 3 times in our week as we took a few breaks here and there through out the summer. I like that there is detail in each lesson and they are not lengthy so my daughter and little ones were able to follow along as I read. I enjoyed that my daughter asked questions or wanted more input. 🙂 

Its always a plus to see your children willingly interact in what they are learning. Even more great about this material is some of what we were learning was actually being locally reenacted through out the summer, for instance the civil war and pioneer days. Because there were actually local events to go along with what we were reading, I think it made the material all the more interesting.

Another plus is that it is not to stressful to adjust each lesson. Some times we did only make time for reading, being summer and tho we were still in session, we also had summer plans. So just reading for the lesson of that day or week worked out well. Another plus on the reading is that my little ones who enjoy reading time, were able to sit in on the reading and they sit and listen to what is being read and my son will even pop in a few questions here or there. 🙂  Other times we were able to work more in depth, which was also nice. Tho I got this for my daughter, I really like the fact the my younger two children wanted to sit and listen in and interact to. I definitely see this as a worth the cost, worth the time and worth the learning experience for any family. 

I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested. There are others who are reviewing for the Notgrass Company. Please click the attached schoolhouse review crew link to see what others are saying about all of the material being reviewed.



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