Our Recent Review with Ed Douglas Publications

Our recent review with Ed Douglas Publications

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We had the chance to review the 25 Truths (Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us) book, from Ed Douglas Publications. We had the choice of receiving a physical book or ebook. I prefer a book in had so we received the physical paperback book in the mail for this review.

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About 25 Truths: In this book, Ed Douglas uses his own personal experience, scriptures and inspiring quotes, to share his 25 truths, he believes when followed can help us lead a happy and fulfilling life. This book is about character, values and what is important in life based on Christian principles. This book currently retails for $12.50 (+ s/h) and you can read more about this book and or purchase it by clicking here. (To learn more about the author please click this attached link).

Contents of this book:
  • Forward
  • Preface
Thus begins the Truths. Here are a few to note:
  • Watch What You Say, Do and Write
  • Be Quick to Apologize
  • Don’t Talk Negatively About Others
  • Be Slow To Judge
  • Tell The Truth
  • See The Glass As Half Full
  • Take It One Step At A Time

and there others noted in the contents of this book.

If you a looking for some good principles to live by and a book to engage your families interest in discussion or just be encouraged, I would say this is a good book to start with. This book is fairly short, only 150 pages, with reading 3-5 pages at times and discussing some of the questions at the end of the book. Plus any other thoughts or questions from the family discussion. This book would be good to use in or along with a family bible study time. It is also good for conversation at the dinner table, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. I would also say if you are a small group leader this would be a good book to use in groups time. 

While it was requested for us during the duration of the review to do at least 3 truth discussions a week, (this being for the review only),  In family discussions, I would recommend that some of these truths be discussed periodically through out the week and asked to share how they used this truth throughout the week. In our time, I wanted to know how they acted upon these truths when they used it through out the day and what effect it had on them vs the usual way they did things or their thinking.  Spending a little extra time on some    if not all of these is definitely something I would recommend doing. 

We used this as recommended 3 times a week in discussion. I introduced the topic in the am to give them a chance to think on it through out the day and the real discussion came in the evenings. Between each truth we would use between a day or two to think upon and discuss the truths at then end of the day. For the most part we live by a lot of these principles or truths noted in here, but there are still a few that I know our family can use a little more work in. So we will definitely be revisiting them and studying them a bit more.

I would recommend checking this book for family discussions, High School Students and HS Student Ministry Groups as well as Adult Study Groups. These principles are good to live by and are good reminders and encouragers to share.

If you would like to see what others are saying about this book, please click the attached review crew button below the disclaimer.


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