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Our recent review on Classical Conversations
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We recently had the chance to review Classical Conversations material. We received the PreScripts Cursive Words and Drawing. In the mail we received a physical softcover spiral book for this review. 

About Classical Conversations: It is their vision to empower parents in the academic teaching of their children through parent practicums as well as establish and support classical, Christian communities that enable parents to equip their children with a biblically based worldview and classical ‘tools of learning’ in order to impact the world for God’s glory. 

I like this reminder they insert: ‘The purpose of studying is to know God and to make him known.’  How true this is.. I was eager and happy to do this review, being that this material is biblical based and is helping parents to form a biblical foundation with their children and family.

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This material is 144 pages and is ranged for children 5 – 10 years of age. There are 4 different books up for review, so you will want to check out the other reviews linked below in this post. This material introduces children to the building blocks of cursive writing. Students learn to write letters, words and simple sentences in cursive. The lessons of this book are scriptural and from Proverbs as well as the book of James. Within each lesson are also drawing lessons that are simple and use basic shapes. At the time of this post, this book retails: $12.99 not including s/h.

What this book includes:
  1. Note for the parents
  2. Forming the Cursive Letters
Part I
  • Letters, Words and Scriptures
Part II
  • Writing Numbers in Cursive
Part III
  • Tricky Letter Combinations in the First Chapter of James
When you first open the book up after the note to parents, there is the alphabet tracing in cursive. Then you begin working in part I. After each letter practice you begin your word and begin a scripture verse. Pretty short and simple. Along with this is a small section for the drawing that forms along with each lessons. It may begin by doing squiggly lines, circles, straight lines but eventually you form in to a picture as the lessons continue on and you move in to each section.

How this was used:
We used this book in our 4 day school week as a copy work – bible lesson. Yes, we are still schooling and breaking some to. Lol.. This book is really not that big and pretty easy to use. As I mentioned above it is a spiral bound soft cover book. I like that it is spiral bound as it makes it easy to use. The only thing I really dislike about this book, is I would prefer that the picture, drawing lessons be at the top vs the bottom. The spiral bound interferes with the writing as you have to rest your hand/arm over the spiral bind. This did not take us very long to work through. 

My 8, 7 and 6 yo tried this book. My son the 7 yo is not a writer unless he is in the mood. So I didn’t put much expectation on him or my youngest. They paced themselves through this.  I let this fall more with my 8 yo. She has worked in the past a little on cursive but we did not focus a whole lot on cursive. So I figured this would be a good chance to work again with her and also try this with the other ones pacing them. My 8 yo and my youngest are similar in their learning. Both are what I call the copy learners. When it comes to letters, numbers, words or writing in general. They will try to copy what they see before them to almost as exact as what they see. What you write they will sit and study it until they can write it out almost like what is in front of them. My 6 yo struggled in areas but for the most part she did fairly well with this learning. I am sure we will recap again in the future. 

In my opinion I think this book is a great resource to use when learning/teaching cursive writing. I am sure we will look in to purchasing more material later from Classical ConversationsIf you have a child like my son that is not interested in writing or cursive, I would not push this just yet. In my opinion I would recommend pacing them until they show more interest in writing in general. If you would like to see some sample pages you can check some out over at the Classical Conversations Sample Pages

All in all, I believe we really enjoyed this book and we will recommend it to others. Please head over and check out what others are saying about this and some of the other Classical Conversations reviews. 

You can read more reviews by clicking the below attached review crew link.



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