Institute for Excellence in Writing Review

Recently we had the chance to review Institute for Excellence in Writing. photo homepage_logo_zps79f1e89a.jpg
We were super excited about the chance to review this writing program. The product we were able to review was Teaching Writing with Structure and Style Set (TWSS). There are several different levels up for review through out our review crew, so you will want to check out what everyone is posting about for this review. (More below)  We received the physical books and Dvd’s in the mail for this review.
Retail at the time of this review for these items are as noted:For the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style DVD Seminar with Seminar Workbook individually purchased it is $169.00 and for the Student Writing Intensive Level C individually it is $109.00. For both purchased together it will cost: $249.00  
 photo Structurestyleset_zps12b6d638.jpg photo levelc_zps0b11fde2.jpg
What’s included: When purchasing both together you will receive: The 5 DVD instructional videos and notebook/handouts for the student’s course, and the TWSS 10 DVD seminar and notebook summary for teacher.
About this product: Andrew Pudewa is the founder, principal speaker, and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  He also is a homeschool father who through his teachings, addresses issues relating to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. He has seminars for parents, students, and teachers that have helped transform a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with tools to dramatically improve students’ skills. 

Student Writing Intensive Level Cis a complete writing program for grades 9 – 12 and can be used for ages 13 and up. You can use this curriculum over a full school year if you watch the DVD once a week and work the other school days using the assignments.This course requires no teacher prep!  To check out and familiarize yourself with the specifics of this program you can visit Teaching Writing: Structure & StyleTo use the student course material, it is not required that you have the Teaching Writing with Structure and Style Set (TWSS). This is just a resource for families who want to have access to ten lecture hours by Andrew Pudewa.
Our thoughts about this review: Well my oldest is a Sophomore and has been very independent with all of her work for several years now with the exception of some things we do together. Writing has always been the thorn in my side with her because she and writing just don’t get along. She has never really enjoyed writing period. So when I brought this in I got the usual eye roll and seriously comment… This program, I truthfully was able to breathe a breath of relief… —>>  YES!  Finally a writing material she could use and not complain all the way through about what she is doing. << —  
The approach Mr Pudewa uses to teach the student as well as help the teacher is very helpful and insightful. We have never used or actually even heard of Institute for Excellence in Writing until this review. I will tell you truthfully, I wish I knew earlier on about them. This program is definitely something I will be using again with my younger ones and will even invest in the other two levels. Using this program is not only easy for the parent/teacher it is easy for the student as well. Easy understanding, keeps you engaged and easy to follow and use.  The fact that preparation time is little makes me happy and make my daughter happy. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a writing curriculum.
Remember I noted above that there are other levels under review. Please be sure to check out what my fellow crew members are saying about the other curriculum levels for Institute for Excellence in Writing.



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