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Our recent review on Memoria Press

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Our review crew had the chance to review curriculum from Memoria PressEach member of the crew received one of the following curriculum to review: 

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                  Prima Latina    

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We received the physical, Prima Latina curriculum in the mail. What we received for this review is the: Student Book, Teacher Manual, Pronunciation CD, Instructional DVD & Flashcards. This curriculum is recommended for Grades 2 – 4 and is a Value of $90.90. 
 photo PL_completeSet_zps91680a55.pngAbout this curriculum:
Prima Latina was written to transition directly into Latina Christiana, allowing students to complete an entire Latin sequence without missing important concepts or vocabulary. This program uses a clear and systematic format to introduce Latin to young students. It teaches important English and Latin grammar concepts, as well as vocabulary, sayings, prayers, hymns, and constellations.

The text of this curriculum includes 25 lessons each, including grammar lessons. There are five vocabulary words with English translations in each lesson. Each lesson has an easy to read, latin phrase to learn.  This program is a great choice for young children who are still becoming familiar with English Grammar and want to learn Latin at a slower pace or those who are interested in starting Latin early.

The dvd’s include: Three discs, nine hours worth of 15-20 min lessons, with comprehensive teaching by Leigh Lowe. There is Recitation and Review, vocabulary practice and explanation derivatives. These discs also include, on-screen notes, self-instructive formats, diagrams and examples.  

Each flashcard contains vocabulary with derivatives, latin sayings, conjugations and declensions. Find our more about Prima Latina Here. 

How we used this program:
We used this program every day in our 4 day a week school time. My daughter liked it so much that some days she would sneak an extra lesson, watch a dvd or do an extra flashcard recap. It was so funny to see her nag her other siblings to leave her flashcards a lone. She had them sorted out in a particular order and she knew what she did and what she needed to do. If they came in and moved them around she would get upset because it was her curriculum. Lol..  She really enjoyed learning this curriculum and still recaps over the lessons and flashcards. 

Her thoughts: I really like this curriculum. I was not bored, I thought it was super fun, super easy to follow. I like that each latin word has the english meaning with it. I would recommend this to use.  

All in all — > We really like this program and we would consider using another program from Memoria Press. I definitely would recommend this program to use. It is easy to use for both mom and student/child. My daughter is always eager and interested in learning cultures and culture related material so this one definitely hit the *LIKE* button in her book, Thanks to the vendor(s).  Do you ever wonder – Why learn Latin? Check out the why over at Memoria Press – Why Use Latin?

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As I mentioned above there are two different products up for review. If you want to hear what others are saying about this product and the geography I, you can find out more by clicking on the below attached review crew link, noted under the disclaimer.



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Hey Tif, How can I get involved in doing reviews?

  ஐღReneeღஐ wrote @

Ok Great thanks.
Been busy here, we started a new church in April,we LOVE it!
I got Baptised :),Jacob went to Alabama for a mission trip for a week,he got his permit 2 days before he left so now he is back we can move to next level 😀
Jacob is on our church softball team, it got rained out today,they will be Every Monday,and Tuesday through July.Next week he will be teaching a class for VBS with our Preachers wife, he is stoked about that 😀
OH! I am in a woman's Bible study group, AND I started Sunday school. Iv never done either ,and wanna know something.
E-mail me later if you can 🙂

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