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We recently reviewed materials from: photo christianitycovelogo_zpsb3aa66f4.jpg

If you have never head of Object lessons, you really do not know what you are missing. I am all about anything that is hands on learning. I love hands on learning and I truly believe most if not all kids learn extremely well with hands on learning and interaction. 

We recently had the privilege of reviewing from Christianity Cove. Now up front, I have used their material for several years. We subscribe through email some time back and since then we get all kinds of neat ideas, games and object lessons we can use for Sunday School, Children’s Church and even Homeschool. I love reading her emails and using some of Mary Kate Warner’s idea in our lessons be it at home or in Children’s Church. Well I have already noted that you can subscribe via email for free. Also, if you head over to the main Christianity Cove page you can sign up to receive 4 FREE Bible Games. Who does not like FREE and FUN?

There are a lot of different items being reviewed right now by our review crew. At the end of this review I will share with you how you can read what others are saying about some of the other items being reviewed for Christianity Cove.

We had the chance to review the following materials noted below:

 photo objectlesson_zps77419e6b.jpgOutstanding Object Lessons

As I mentioned before, if you don’t know anything about object lessons, you are missing the fun. Object lessons are super hands on fun and easy learning lessons. We received free downloads to our material in ebook format. (pdf) It was easy to download, no problems at all. Simple lessons that are well wrote and require short time of preparation and minimal items. Some items you may already have in your home. These are great fun lessons for children to learn along and interact with. You can use these in children’s church, sunday school or in your homeschool. There are 10 different object lessons in this ebook. Your child will learn about faith, Relationship with God, Trials, Cleansing of Sin and more.  Yes, this ebook and all within it are well worth using.. I am a huge fan of object lessons and this ebook to.. 🙂 All material is in downloadable format. This Outstanding Object Lessons is an 84 page ebook that costs $28.00.  We also got the chance to review Bible Science Experiments.   

 photo scienceexperiment_zps1eca95f3.png

Bible Science Experiments

Once again, I am all about hands on learning. My kids love interacting and experimenting and you get to do just that with the Experiments above and the object lessons. This ebook is 55 pages of F-U-N. With 25 experiments using light, color, motion, magnetism and using gravity. Super fun experiments and the material lists are simple, small list of items and much of the items you need are probably already in your home or supplies area.

This ebook is regularly $39.95 and at the time of this review it is $25.00. 

I tried to upload the pictures of what I did with these ebooks and for some reason they uploaded upside down but they were not upside down when I uploaded them. LOL! At any rate as you can see below I took both of these ebooks and printed them off and placed them in plastic page protectors in a flexible binder. Easy access to these ebooks and they are protected with covers so we can use these ebooks anytime we want and I can transport them easily to church when I use them in church. 🙂

We used these in our homeschool and we plan to use them in Children’s Church to.. Our kiddos at church love object lessons more then anything and anytime we can toss in some experiments we have happy kiddo’s, fun lessons and the message is taken home with these kids. I for one enjoy happy kiddo’s and hearing about what they have learned.
So how about the other items being reviewed for Christianity Cove. Our review crew is reviewing the noted material below — They are all in downloadable format.

Outstanding Object Lessons –  Bible Science Experiments – 100 Simple Service Projects –  Daily Dilemmas: 26 True-to-Life Devotions for Kids –  Freedom Ride: 12 Lessons of Faith for Today’s Teens –  “Tween a Rock and a Hard Place” Lesson Blueprints Bullying & the Bible Lesson Plans KidMin Power Pack – Bible Memory GamesThe Divine Dozen: 12 Parables of Jesus Every Child Should Know  – Make & Take Bible Crafts –  New Testament Life Lessons – Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit 10 Commandments Activity Kit Lord’s Prayer Lesson Pack

If you would like to see what other’s are saying about the above items we reviewed and other items up for review, please click the attached review crew link below the disclaimer.



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