Molly Crew: Simplified Pantry Review

This review is for Molly Crew – Simplified Pantry.
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Recently we had the chance to review Simplified Pantry. We had the choice of reviewing one or more of three items. These items were downloadable ebooks in pdf format, so we were able to download them immediately after we received them via email.
The items we had the choice to review are as noted:

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I was pretty geared up to use them as they are for me…mom… yay, — not the kiddo’s. Woohoo.. Lol! I was all over the recipe ebooks as I am always up for new recipes and easy ones at that. You have the choice of leaving the ebooks on the computer or printing them off which I chose to do. I stuck them in the flexible 99 cent binders. We chose to use the Simplified Dinners for our review. But before I go in that I want to explain about the other two as I looked them over. 

The Simplified Dinners Gluten Free/Dairy Free  ebook is actually a test in the works as we speak. We have had this for just over a month and I have been anticipating when the right time to use this would be. I know we did not have to use all of these ebooks, only one was required. But I did want to try this one, just at a later time. I definitely needed to talk with our doctor on this before we use this ebook. While I honestly don’t see anything wrong with going gluten free, my main reasons of medical concerns with individuals in our family. I needed to make sure our physician is on board with us. (Honestly, at some point we were going to be trying gluten free recipes as a test anyway, so this just came in handy ahead of time. – thanks)

I also wanted to note I did look over the Paperless Home Organization. While I think a lot of the ebook was great, I truthfully dodged that one because I already have one to many accounts and apps that I truthfully really did not want anymore. So I dodged a lot about that ebook. Part of the ebook came in handy for other areas but the accounts and apps, I am already in way to deep.  :-/ I believe that anyone would benefit from any of these ebooks. They are great ebooks and resources, however this one just was one I dodged for my own personal reasoning.

Ok, So on to what I did review, Simplified Dinners. I really like some of the recipes in this ebook. I did substitute in a few recipes as now a days I can not eat red meat like I used to. The best thing I like about this ebook: You can see I added the table of contents below, there is a Pantry List of items needed for any of these recipes. LOVE IT! I am all about pantry items, give me a list and I will gladly stock it up. Lol!

Having this list also helps you to be prepared a head of time. Also, this list will help you to be stocked up and prepared for meals at anytime for the whole month – only having to buy the basic or fresh items when you are ready to cook your meals. LOVE LOVE LOVE this… Honestly, probably half of this pantry list, you will already have in your pantry or cabinets, so it is not like you are going on a crazy spending spree. That is a plus.. On top of this if you are like me, I grow my own garden in the summer time so fresh items are usually in my back yard minus a few I may not have room for. 🙂

As always with any recipe you can substitute your ingredients to your liking. Which I did have to do with a few. As I mentioned earlier certain red meats are now out of the question for me and some of the ingredients like I think beer was called for in one, we don’t drink alcohol let alone buy it so there had to be some modifying in the recipe. And that again is not such a bad thing any. We all adjust or substitute in a lot of recipes. These are still great recipes and we enjoyed the chance of using them. So my thanks to the Molly Crew.

What recipes are in this ebook?
Here are just a few categories you have recipes for:
  • Slow-Cooker recipes
  • Skillet
  • Marinades
  • Mexican – Enchiladas, Burritos, Taquitos
  • Stir Fry
  • Potato Recipes
  • Soups & Stews
  • Vegetables
  • Main Dishes
  • Salads and more…
You also get a meal planning chart at the end of this ebook which does come in handy.
These items again are over at Simplified Pantry. Their attached links are noted above. Other crew members are reviewing these items as well. Head over to the attached link below the disclaimer to read what others are saying about Simplified Pantry ebooks.




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