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This is our recent review of College Prep Genius.  This book is a HELP Guide for all of us parents that have a bazillion questions on the High School – school years and afterwards. I know as my daughter started high school, I was nervous and full of questions. Some of them were answered and some we are still searching for the answers. We also got answers to some questions when we started this book. 
What we received:In the mail we received a paper back book of the High School Prep Genius – Academic Guide to Excellence. This book is not tiny, it is about an inch thick and packed with information. If you are interested in a copy of this book you can purchase a copy at this attached link: High School Prep Genius for $29.95(not including s/h). Believe me, this is worth the cost.

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One of the great things I like about this book is    ALL of the checklists it has inside. Checklists like: student/parent questionnaires, transcripts preparation, before and during High School planning, College Prep planning, test preparation, and even the College interview. This book has covered a lot of ground for all of us parents and our students, to help us along the high school journey.  Of all of the books I have checked out and looked over or even bought for High School and College Prep, I would note this book in the top 5 of must reads. None of the books I have read or purchased can even compare to all this book has to offer. I am extremely thankful to have been able to review this book.  — Sigh, I love this book! —
You can see in the pictures below, just a few examples of pages I snapped that are in this book.High School credits and planning pages 

Student Questionnaires & PSAT Codes

I would have a load of pictures if I snap shot everything in this book. Here are some of the chapters that are included in this book:

  • Introduction of this book, The How To’s,  Some Checklists and Student Timelines
  • Foundation for personal success (Covers Chapters 1 – 6)
  • Foundation for academic success (Covers Chapters 7 – 12)
  • Foundation for future success  (Covers Chapters 13 – 18)
There are also several appendix after the last chapter. Appendix A – E covers more information and resources that are really helpful.

Again, I can not say it enough    “This book is loaded with information for both parents and students”. I definitely will recommend this book to anyone who has children getting ready for High School or College preparation.

This book is easy to understand and yes it does cover in depth and in some areas brief information. The time spent using this book is well worth the insight and resources noted. When my daughter seen the thickness of the book she gasped, “O no, really!” We had already done an other review on College Prep and while it was not a book in hand, she was thinking this was going to be over board and she would lose interest quickly. Not the case at all. In the end, we both found this book very insightful and I think we both liked it as much as the other. It helped her to sit back and think on her life more seriously and focus on the goals we need to accomplish through High School in order for her to do what she is aiming for.  It helped me settle down and focus on what she really needs as well as help her father and I to offer the support system she needs through the high school years and prepare her planning of College. (wipes forehead) I can breathe a lot easier now with out the heavy weight of the do’s and don’ts or how to’s.

This book was used each day in our homeschool and even when we were not schooling we found this book still at hand to look over.  I now have in my hand a few checklists that we didn’t have before and we are working by to help us through the remainder of the high school years ahead.  My thanks to the authors of this book for all the great details, insightful resources and encouraging words for the road ahead.

I am interested in hearing from you if you have read this book before. Please leave me your comments below. Some of our review crew has also reviewed this book. Please click the attached link below to see what they are saying.



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