Papa’s Pearls Review

This is our review for Papa’s Pearls.
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So for quite a few years now, I have followed Diane Flynn Keith via emails and now Facebook. Over the years, I have shared with you my followers, some of Diane Flynn Keith’s emails and homeschool finds and linking you back to her. Some of you may now follow her and enjoy her emails as I do. We recently had the privilege of reading her latest book in honor of her father, Papa’s Pearls.

I have enjoyed Diane’s many emails for quite a few years now and after her father passed away in 2011, some of the emails, especially when mention of her father, were not only insightful, but more encouraging and inspiring in more ways then one. She speaks highly of her father and with such respect for all the things he has taught. Her emails are very encouraging. After her father’s passing, she shared a few of his pearls with us through a few emails. Those few emails on papa, made it all the more exciting that when she announced she was working on a book in honor of her late father. I could not wait to read the great stories and wisdom she was working to share with everyone. 

When I received our copy of Papa’s Pearls in the mail, I quickly ripped it out of the envelope. (Yes, I was just a tad bit excited – eeks). I looked in on the kiddos while they were enjoying their free time, I hit the “alone time” button and began to read my – papa’s pearls. I am happy to say that within 40 minutes of reading, I had already devoured the first 6 chapters of this book. 🙂  —- >>   I told you I could not wait to read this book!

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This book, Papa’s Pearls, arrived in a small manilla envelope. It is a small paperback book with 17, short chapters that are full of great life stories, inspiring words of encouragement and offering pearls of wisdom for every parent and individual.

To learn more about who Diane Flynn Keith is, you can read more here at the attached link.

To get your copy of Papa’s Pearls, click hereOn Amazon this book is $13.47 (no inlcuding S/H) or To get an autographed copy of this book it is $14.97 with $7.00 for S/H, totaling $21.97.

This book not only was inspiring in so many ways, it shared great wisdom and offered words of encouragement for every parent or individual that reads this book. Not only that, the stories were so interesting, I could not put the book down.

Truthfully, with every story she noted through out this book, I could almost visualize being there and seeing it all as it happened, while reading through that chapter. I can not remember the last time I really was this interested in a book. I have always liked reading, but the older I get the less reading I like, if that makes sense. But this book, well I could not put the book down. Needless to say it was read and devoured in under 3 days. 🙂  There are not very many books that can glue me to a seat and keep my attention, like this one. 

What I like most about this book? 
We live in a day and age today where people look after them self and only them self. Hospitality is minimal. Good, trusting neighbors are hard to find. Respect for each other and them self is — well, rare more today then ever. This book takes us back to a time when people cared about each other. Neighbors looked after each other. Most, maybe not all, but most people looked for the good in everyone and seldom dwelled on the worst of others. When hard times came, there were some that were more willing then most to help a person out. Where as today, you don’t see that much and seldom do you hear about a good deed done. A good pearl of wisdom is when her papa said:

“Everyone deserves a second chance, You don’t kick someone when they’re down, You give them a hand up!”

Something to think on: If we are being completely honest with ourself — How many of us can change our outlook over any situation we face in this life? Quite truthfully, not everyone can do that. It takes a good deal of persuasion on most our parts. But now if we were all brought up being taught to lead a more positive outlook on life, it may be a lot more easier to handle our circumstances.  One of papas first pearls shared in this book is changing the outlook on our situations.  

When faced with tough choices or difficult decisions, ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?  What’s the worst thing you can imagine if you try and fail, or if you never try at all?”

I do believe with these pearls of wisdom that are offered through out this book, we all could help make this world a better place and maybe even change some of our surroundings or even better, help change someone’s life. Reading this book reminds me that even in this dark, hateful world we live in, there are some good people still out there in this world today. We just have to look for them and instead of looking at the outward appearance or judge them by their mistakes they have made, we should look deeper within them and offer a helping hand. 

About this book?

This book shares the story of one mans life and legacy that has now been passed down to his children, his grandchildren and all individuals that have crossed paths with this great man of much wisdom and love. His daughter shares his wisdom with her readers to encourage and inspire all who read about Papa’s Pearls. As I mentioned earlier on, these chapters are brief and to the point, yet they are inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and very interesting. I giggled reading through a few chapters as I read about her papa and some of his adventures and views of life. Each chapter offers a pearl of wisdom for all of us to receive and pass on.  

Whether you are a parent, grandparent or just a simple individual looking to change your life, be inspired or encouraged in this life. This book is definitely worth the read. I will recommend it to everyone. 

If you have read this book already, I would love to hear from you and what you thought of this book. Our review crew has been reading this book and will be sharing their thoughts on this book. To see what they are saying please click the attached review crew link below.



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  Diane Flynn Keith wrote @

Thank you for your thoughtful review of “Papa's Pearls,” Tiffany. I loved reading that you couldn't put the book down – I soaked up that ray of sunshine! :)I thought you might like to know that I'm having a Papa's Pearls Father's Day Contest. Share a memory about your own father or grandfather on my blog and be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon. Get the details here: Thanks, again!

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