Journey Through Lapbook Review

Our latest review on A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks.
Lapbooking is one of our families favorites when it comes down to hands on learning. If you have never lapbook before, it is definitely worth checking in to. 
Who is A Journey Through Learning? A Journey through learning is co-owned by two best friends and homeschool moms. They offer all kinds of lapbooks for all kinds of topics. They also make quality lapbooks for well-known programs such as Fullbright/Apologia Science, TruthQuest History, Geography Matters and more… Click Here to read more about Journey Through Learning. You can find lapbooks in various of price ranges and they even offer some good FREEBIES. They also offer unit studies, copywork, notebooking pages and more. Best of all they have How To Video’s and you can find all of this over at their web site.  
What is a lapbook? Well, if we want to get technical, lapbooks are defined as a student-made display of creative mini booklets mounted in one or more file folders. To go a little more in depth, lapbooks can be defined as a form of scrapbook learning.  It is basically a plain manilla or colored file folder. (your choice)  Allowing your child to get creative while adding the pieces of the lapbook  or if it is huge, the pieces you choose to use. 

A lapbook can be as simple as a picture and a definition.  Or, it can be extremely complex and in depth, complete with pockets, mini books, origami folds, flaps, pop-ups and more. Its all of which you choose to use, but the important thing is that you include the elements of learning.  Lapbooking works well with unit studies or the style of learning that uses living books as opposed to text books.  Any topic can come alive by turning it into a lapbook. All the cutting can be a pain, but when your little one is finally ready to add their details and bring their lesson to life with their creative side, it can get a little messy and a lot of fun.

On an other note, there are a lot of lapbooks out there that really have so much in to use in them. Usually, if they are huge, we cut them back and pick out what we want to use and leave room to come back and add to them later. That is what we did with our Civil War Lapbook gone binderbook.  🙂 
What did we review? We received the following lapbooks in a pdf format:

We had the choice of lapbooks we wanted to use. We chose to use the lapbook on The Earth. This is a 42 page lapbook that covers learning about the Earth, the Earth’s crust, what the Earth is made of, the Earth’s Spheres, How the Earth moves, land formations, water and more.  This lapbook is recommended for Grades 1 – 4.
The Earth lapbook retails for $13.00 direct download  and for the cd it is $14.00 or printed version retails $21.00

 photo theearthlaptop_zps8dd1e5cf.jpeg


 Here in the pictures you can see what the kiddo’s were up to with out lapbook on “Earth”.

This lapbook may seem like a lot, but it is actually a lot smaller then a lot of lapbooks I have seen and that we have used. Most of our time doing this lapbook, was spent on cutting the mini booklet, resource template-pieces out. My kids didn’t seem to mind the mess, they never do. (Lol) Like always, they easily get bored when it comes to cutting all the papers. Usually I try to have much of the inserts cut out before hand but its always good motor skills for them to cut some to. The rest of your time is shortly spent in filling information in and decorating your lapbook. That is it!

 photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif

Our thoughts on this lapbook review…
We have used lapbooks many times in the past, so we are fairly familiar with them. We have also used A Journey Through Learning lapbooks in the past and we will continue to use them. If you are interested in learning more about lapbooks, purchasing lapbooks to use, I do recommend checking out  A Journey Through Learning, even if it is to try some of their free or lower priced items. It’s a good start.

What about you. Have you used A journey through learning lapbooks before? Do you lapbook? What advice would you offer a beginner, pros or cons? Please leave us a comment below, we would like to hear from you. 

Check out what my fellow review crew members are saying about A Journey Through Learning by clicking on the attached schoolhouse review crew button noted below.



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