Some Work From Home Ideas When Homeschooling

Recently a question was asked in our forum for some ideas of way a homeschool parent can work from home or bring in some sort of extra money. Here are some ideas that were posted I wanted to share with you. 

** Remember these are not success stories or get rich quick schemes. These are just idea offered up by other homeschool parents.  **

First and foremost, it is offered up to anyone that you should pick a job/hobby that you are interested in and you are gifted in. Remember we all are gifted in something and some have more then one gifting. 

—>>  Find something you’re passionate about. I know that sounds silly when you actually need income coming in, but its so important. 
Work-from-home ideas: You will need to click the attached links open to learn more or contact their consultants linked to this post.

TIP: Getting started with a company in the home-based business industry is ideal for homeschool moms! In order to be successful in a home-based business, you MUST get professional training. Check out Dani Johnson , You can get her book free (you pay s/h). Also you can get 3 free training mp3 to help you succeed in your home business here:
Dani Johnson Offers Free Home-Business book What The Gurus Aren’t Telling You  and   check out her site on How To Build A Business Out of Nothing.

Sites to check out on Working At Home

Some other ideas that were tossed in:

  • Tutor Students 
  • In Home Child Care
  • Before and After School Programs (7:30-8:45a & 3:30-5:30p)
  • Foster Children –  This is not just as a means of extra income, this is also a means of learning and teaching the whole family love.
  • Fitness Coach (a beachbody consultant or others)
  • Photography

Again I want to remind you these are not get rich quick schemes. I am not posting these to back up any of the links. These are links given by other homeschool parents that work from home. If you have any questions, I do recommend contacting the website or consultants in the attached links. Hope this information is useful.

Happy Schooling..


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Great tips.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrg capchas

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