101 Anniversary of Titanic — April 10. — Titanic Resources

Parental supervision is recommended for all sites!

The 101st anniversary of the Titanic 
is coming up on April 10th. 

Here are some great resources to help assist you in
 a unit lesson about the titanic. 

Huge List of Resources and a FREE Lapbook at:

Titanic Educational Sites

Historical Resources

Some Activities on The Titanic 

Titanic Craft Kits $4.99

You Tube Video’s on “Titanic”

Actual Documentary & Footage of The Wreck

Breath taking images of Titanic’s Final Resting Place

Titanic 100 Years Later

Deep Inside The Titanic

The Original Footage of Titanic Documented 
as it Left Port and News Paper Articles.

Nat Geo Documentary on Titanic

A & E Special: The Death of A Dream (Part 1)

A & E Special: The Death of A Dream (Part 2)

Return to Titanic 2004

 Remembering Titanic Part 1

Remembering Titanic Part 2

To set the Theme of Titanic:
Celine Dion  “My Heart Will Go On”


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