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Ok, Sorry, Got a little side track this week in posts. We have been working on our oldest bedroom for her birthday. 🙂 Much of my link posting has been on the Home Is Cool 101 Fb page or elsewhere. So here are some catch up posting.

FREE Clock/Time Learning Printables. 
Free Clock_Time Learning Printables 29 page pdf
Some great online children’s books that are free.
 Free Online eBooks
Free 31 Prayer Cards for Kids
Download Free 31 Prayer Cards 4 Kids
FREE Homeschool Planning Forms —>> Convention is coming up, she has some convention planning forms as well.
Download your FREE Family/School Planners
In All You do has some great freebies today:
In All You Do’s Freebies of The Day Post
Here is some Fun for your daughters:
Printable Paper Dolls fun
  Paper Dolls Clothes and More

Download the Math U See Lapbook Mini Office Free
Free Download Math U See Mini Office



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