Classical Academic Press – Song School Spanish Curriculum Review

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Our recent Classical Academic Press Review on their product Song School Spanish for Grades K-3.
 This curriculum retails:Student WorkBook retails $24.95 The Bundle Kit retails $66.95(Includes all you need to get started)Click Here To Place Your Order or View All Individual Prices
Recently, We had the privilege of reviewing Song School Spanish in our Homeschool day. I am really excited that we had this opportunity because my husband was recently nominated for a position with his company that will be opening in the coming year in Mexico. While we still do not know for sure if relocating is in our future. I will say, the timing of this review could not of come at a better time.  I do have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about teaching Spanish.I love the idea of learning a new language. I am always up for a challenge. Teaching a new language for me, Yup! I definitely seen a challenge. I took some Spanish in High School and I enjoyed the challenge of a new language. But… I struggled so much with the pronunciation of the double (rr) which is the rolling of the tongue, hence my being a little on the apprehensive side. But I was excited and ready to start and so were the kids.
When Song School Spanish came in the mail, we also received a students soft cover workbook with a children’s music CD of 42 songs – (included in back of the book). The cd goes right along side each lesson we do.

 We also received a soft cover teachers edition book includes the entire Song School Spanish student text, answer keys, additional teacher’s notes, extra classroom ideas and additional activities. We received the Song School Spanish in the mail on a Friday and looked it over through out the whole weekend. retails @ $24.95  With this curriculum it was recommended by Classical Academic Press  to purchase and use the Spanish Amigo Match Flash Card Game, so we purchased and received the flash cards within 4 days of our order, (mid-week). 
Retails @ 26.95

Eager to get started, my soon to be 8 yo ran over and swiped the musical cd and put it in her cd player and began listening through her head phones. To my surprise with in 15 minutes she had already ran through much of the cd and had already memorized a few songs including the first 3 which were for the first lesson. (slow down Chica)  She claimed the cd all weekend and continued to listen off and on periodically asking, Is it time to do the book yet?  
Retails @ $12.95

By the end of that weekend she had already learned new words, chanted the Spanish Alphabet and found a few new favorite songs: Top 2 on her list, ¿Como estas? Song  and  Color Song. I could sit and type you her list, but that defeats the purpose of this post. (chuckles)  My soon to be 6 & now 7 year old did not get much chance to listen to the cd for that weekend since their older sis swiped the cd and head phones.

I love it when we are working through out the house and in free time out of the blue you hear the kiddos start singing and chanting in Spanish to this Song School Spanish Music_Audio Cd. Just so darn cute. In our house, whether it is audio cd’s or music playing, it is usually loud and it is never a dull moment. Best of all is while the audio_music is playing, in the background are the voices of all three of my younger kiddo’s. Who would not love this? Obviously this music cd is a HIT with my kiddos. Up front, I do recommend uploading the cd on to your computer and burn a back up disc. If your kiddo’s are like mine and the cd becomes a well liked disc it will be wore out or probably dead before the end of the curriculum nears. That is a good sign they are liking this curriculum.  🙂
Funny share: The first night my 7 yo listened to this cd, when she went to bed that night, off and on through out the night we heard her singing in her sleep some of the new spanish songs she learned. Very sweet moment! 

Before we got started, Classical Academic Press  suggested we go and Download The – Bonus Song School Spanish Pronunciation & Bonus Music. When purchasing this program you definitely want to make sure you get these downloads off their site. They are free downloads.   🙂  I would probably be in trouble with out the pronunciation audio, since I can not roll the (rr) well. But I’m trying right along side of my kiddos. 
                                                              (Tip:  Relaxing your tongue is the key to rolling your tongue. Tongue twisters and lots of practice will help you relax your tongue. —->>> Be warned, someone may shower you with their spit in practice. 😛  So either face away from individuals, look up some or keep a good distance when practicing! ) (giggles)
(More tongue rolling TIPs below this post)

                                                                                      Note:  Explaining the Spanish Alphabet and the Spanish R can be a bit tricky and even confusing for you and for you kids. It’s extremely important that you read over and understand these sections noted in the Song School Spanish book before beginning this curriculum. 

How this curriculum should be used:  While this curriculum is designed to be flexible covering 1 chapter a week (31 Chaps from Sept. – May school year). This curriculum also has built in review chapters every few weeks and a mild review of words at the end of each chapter. (We still did a brief recap daily leading up to the review.) They also created a schedule to help use this curriculum in various school settings. When I first read the “How To” in the book, it notes, “easy to teach..” I thought to myself,  “It had better be or I am hopeless!” Lol!  🙂  and… It is!
They suggested that this curriculum be used with more frequent study but in short time segments. Recommending 3 -to- 4 day rhythm with children doing some of the workbook exercises and singing-a-long with the musical cd during each session. Each session is recommended to last 10 -to- 20 minutes as well as periodically listening to their cd through out the day. (I think we have the audio listening covered, may be over a tad over done!)

How we used this curriculum: The above schedule suggestion worked well for us because we only school Mon-Thurs. So using the reccomendation of 3-4 days in shorter increments worked perfect for us. Before the first lesson begins, there is a sample of what a 3 day schedule should look like when using this curriculum. It will better help you in setting your agenda up for this curriculum. 

In the students book, each lesson is pretty short and simple. At the beginning of each lesson is the weekly words and phrases to learn. Notes the chapter songs and track to use and gives a brief discription on what the lesson will cover or have an explanation of instructions. Simple, Short and brief — but to the point! The kids assingment may be a full page or a half of a page long at 2 maybe 3 pages total. There is basic copying_tracing, word writing and answering short questions plus don’t forget the added activity sheets in the teacher’s edition that of course is optional to use. 

(Did I mention, It’s definately easy?! —  My true thoughts:  I can definitely do this!)

We started out with our word review and used the Bonus Song School Spanish Pronunciation together. Played the required audio tracks for that lesson. I gave a few minutes for the lesson pages. We did not use the Spanish Amigo Match Flash Card Game on a daily basis. And honestly, rarely used it as a game. Usually we just used it as a recap or flash card to see what they could recognize and say by memory using these cards.At the end of each lesson and then again at the end of the night, I did a brief recap over what we learned. I ask the kids: “Can you remember our words we learned today? Can you remember our song or chant? (instructing them to answer me one at a time or all together) They would tell me or sing to me what they could remember and then through the day they would ask, could we listen to the cd now? 🙂  (TIP: If you wanna hear something sweet, let your child(ren) listen to their audio periodically through out the day and then again before bedtime as a recap. It stays fresh before bed time and sometime through the night you may hear a child in the other room singing in Spanish.)  🙂 From Me: About the Children’s Book:  – This children’s workbook is surprisingly super fun and easy. One thing I love about this book: In the back of the student book there are some printable cut-outs you can use with some of the exercises. Super for hands on or visual learning children. Best of all the kids love coloring them. – As I mentioned above there is a Suggested Schedule you can use this curriculum with. I definately recommend sticking with the schedule best you can. If you are on the go, take the cd with you. 🙂  Also in the front of the book is a pronunciation guide to look through, make sure you read it and then listen to the pronunciation audio. – Each chapter is brief and short. (That is a HUGE plus in my book) Again they do have built in reviews about every 4th sometimes 5th chapter there is a Review and recap over the previous 4 or 5 lessons. Even though there is a scheduled review I still after each day of learning like to go over and keep fresh what we learned and since our last day of school for the week is Thurs, I may randomly belt out a recap question through out the weekend. In the Teacher’s Edition: – This book has the obvious answers to the children’s book as well as additional resources to use along with this curriculum.
– There are also additional activities near the back of the book that you can incorporate in to your lessons. Some we used and other’s we skipped over.

What else does Classical Academic Press offer you? Fast Support! *Like* on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Follow on Pintrest.  If you have any questions and you are on any of the above networks, there is a means of support right there for you.                                                                               What do we think about this curriculum?   Myself speaking, I really do like this curriculum for our family. With each lesson, I am super surprised at how well my kids are picking up spanish. I enjoy listening to them learn and sometimes when one or two are singing in the middle of the night, the lack of sleep the next morning is worth the sweet sound previously heard through the night. 🙂 The only struggle I see is rolling the (rr). If you struggle with the tongue rolling, you may need to check out the resources below this post on tips to help you learn to roll your tongue for the (rr).As for my kids. I don’t think there really is a complaint. The lessons are short and to the point and they love the cd. The tongue rolling is still a bit hard for them but they are still practicing it. They make the D rather then the rolling (rr). That will do until they master the correct pronunciation. My advice to on this curriculum:It would be super helpful if there could be a warm up section or audio/video that offers or shows:

  • Additional tips for parents/teachers on “How To” teach the rolling of the tongue for the proper pronunciation of the (rr).  — or — 
  • What exercises and techniques could parents/teachers use for methods of practice in learning the tongue rolling?  
I believe this curriculum was a hit with our family. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning but in the end I will say this is definitley a plus. I would use it again. My thanks to  Classical Academic Press  for letting our family review your curriculum.

Disclaimer: I recieved a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

Are you interested in this product?

If you are interested in this particular product, you can view the Song School Spanish Sample Pages by clicking the attached link and scrolling to the bottom of that page. You can also view sample pages of other products by visiting Classical Academic Press.

Have you used this product before? I would love to hear your thoughts on this product. If you have used this product before please leave a comment below this post.

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Photobucket Happy Schooling!                                                                                                Tips for Tongue Rolling:

  1. Your tonuge needs to be loose or relaxed. You can help relax the tonuge by using tongue-twisters. By repeating them over and over each time taking it a step faster, you will have achieved relaxing your tongue.
  2. Your tongue also needs to be brought forward. Not touching the back of your teeth. Many say the front part of your tongue should be touching the ridge of your mouth. (ex. say No, Netherlands, Nothing) Where your N sound is, is where your tongue should be.
  3. Spanglish Baby offers some other tips on rolling the (rr) 
Visit Youtube for some of the following tips: (Links Attached)

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