FREE Limited Time – eBook Downloads (All Ages)

Free Limited Time Only! If you do not have the Kindle Ap Downloaded on your computer you will need to download it before you download these ebooks.  Download Kindle FREE Here

Some of these eBooks value up to $39.00. So this is a super find to download FREE for a Limited Time!

 Download the following eBooks by clicking the attached links:

Ricki Ticki Tavi

Im Just Like You

Harriet Tubman

How I found Living Stone
History of The United States

History of Plague in London

The United States Constitution

T Paine, Common Sense

Frontier of American History

The Book of National Parks
History of Greek Art
History of the 30 year War

History of Ancient Civilization

History of French Revolution 1789 – 1814

History of Expedition Command of History (Lewis/Clark) Vol 1

Common Soldier Life in Civil War 1861 – 1865

Short History of Russia
Women on American Frontier : Heroism & more
Short History of The World

Reading About Irish History
History on Moors of Spain

The Burgess Animal Book for Children

Field Book of Stars

History of Growth of The Steam Engine

History of American Literature

History of English Pose Fiction

History of English Literature
History of Postal Stamps in The United States
Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death
Treasure Island

Wizard of Oz

Little Women

Moby Dick

Shakespeare Sonnets

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
3 Musketeers

Secret Garden

Gulliver’s Travel

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Myths & Legends of Ancient Greece & Rome

Asop’s Fables

Time Machine

The Wind In The Willows

Around The World In 80 Days
Collection of Beatrice Potter Stories

The Phantom of The Opera

Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

The Scarlet Letter

White Fang

The Life of Abraham Lincoln
Robinson Crusoe

The Call of The Wild

Swiss Family Robinson: Desert Island

The Legend of King Arthur and His Nights

Great Expectations

The Man in Iron Mask


The War of the Worlds
Black Beauty

The Red Badge of Courage

Mid Summer Nights Dream
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The Man Who Would Be King

Bobbsey Twins of Blueberry Island

Kipling Stories and Poems Every Child Should Know – Book 2

Mother Goose Old Nursery Rhymes & Stories

Pride & Prejudice



Northanger Abbey

Lady Susan
The Bobbsey Twins on Houseboat

Bobbsey Twins on Deep Blue Sea

Bobbsey Twins in The Great West

Happy Schooling Everyone!
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