Tip: Dry Erase & Chalk Board Paint

If your like me, you are searching ideas to make use of everyday items in school. While chalk board paint and dry erase paint sound super, here some things to keep in mind.

Me personally, I think I am going to do the dry erase. Less of a mess on the floor. But here are some tips to note:

Before adding paint, ensure area you are painting is smooth. If not, you will need to sand it and clean it up before adding paint. I have attached some great tips to the attached links noted below. 

Are you wanting just the board or would you like to magnetize the board before making it? To magnetize your board first, after you have smoothed the area your painting. Add 2-3 coats of a  magnetic primer (Magnet Primer available at Lowe’s)

Resource on Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint (everyone noted usually 2 coats)

  1. Before applying paint you need to make sure surface is smooth.
  2. Understand that the chalk board paint is a bit runny
  3. 2 coats of paint is recommend for best results.
  4. DO NOT use the Spray Chalk Board Paint. Results are not good. Best results are with roll on chalk board paint. (reg chalk paint)
  5. Understand chalk leaves a mess on the floor. (if anyone has allergies)
  6. For more tips on chalk board painting: refer to How to use Chalk Board Paint

Happy Schooling!


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  Renee wrote @

Cool tip, thanks…

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