Hearts at Home Curriculum Special Offer – Limited Time Only

This is a great promotional offer from:
Hearts at Home Curriculum is offering a great special right now for a limited time offer. If you purchase volume one of Mike’s Inspirations Volumes, you will get the second volume FREE. This is a 6 volume dvd set, FREE! This is a super offer for a limited time only. All 12 Volumes are included in this special offer. 
Volume 1 includes 6 dvds, 1-6.
Volume 2 includes 6 dvds, 6-12.
This product retails at $79.90 each. Right now you are getting 20% off the retail price, making volume ONE – $31.96 and your getting volume two absolutely FREE with your order.
NO COUPON needed!
You do not want to pass this offer up.
This product is for ages 8-12. There are 12 Volumes of Mikes Inspirations. All series encourage kids to craft right along with host Michael Cariglio and his biblical buddy, Booker T Bible, a talking, animated Bible who offers creative inspiration with Scripture references. Let Mike’s Inspiration Station inspire your child’s creativity and get some fun art project ideas and fridge art in the process!
Volume One features – “Drawing Cartoons,” “Making Watercolor Paintings,” and “Let’s Draw a Dinosaur.”
Volume Two features – “Creating Pastel Art” and “Let’s Draw a Cute Turtle.”

Volume Three features – kids participate in “Light and Shading” and “Let’s Draw a Funny Moon.”

Volume Four features – suggests “Let’s Draw a Joyful Heart” and “Let’s Draw Goliath.”

Volume Five features – Children learn “Making Clothespin Puppets” and “Fun Fridge Art”

Volume Six features – lessons include “Flower Pot Pals” and “Sculpt a Cute Dog.”

Volume Seven features – “Fun Fish Projects” and “Creating Fun Clouds.”

Volume Eight features – “Drawing Noah’s Ark” and “Drawing a Shepherd and His Sheep.”

Volume Nine features – kids participate in “Making a Clay Easter Bunny” and “Drawing Jonah and the Whale.”

Volume Ten features – “Drawing Laughter” and “Drawing Love.”

Volume Eleven features – Children learn “Drawing Animal Cartoons Using Numbers” and “Drawing a Bluebird”

Volume Twelve features – final episode’s lessons include “Drawing a Bluebird,” “Fun Christmas Projects,” and “All about Colors.”

Again this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get it while supplies last!
Head over to check out Mikes Inspirations before this offer expires.


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