Indiana Univeristy Offers – Accredited High School Online (4 Almost Anyone – See Details)

We had an opportunity presented to my husband for his work about relocating. (Scary, Exciting, WOW, loads of mixed emotions)  The location is well an other country. At any rate, while we are homeschooling our children, our oldest daughter was looking in to the medical field education and some of the studies she would need. I feel more comfortable about her getting actual credits from IU and not just from homeschool. Rambling I know…

Long story short, I found this interesting. I U College is local for us and is also one of the Top Medical Colleges in the Country. So I am extremely eager for her to do some of her High School with them and then College. The great news about this is, Indiana University offers online Accredited High School. Even greater, They offer High School online to ANYONE, ANYWHERE within in the United States AND they also offer accredited High School to 35 countries around the world.

How sweet is this?!  So no matter where you are located in the United States and even around the world. (you will need to contact on the countries they offer to, I can not seem to locate that atm.) If you are looking for an online High School that is accredited for you or your child, you may want to check out Indiana University Accredited High School Online.

::It does not matter what your background is. You may have any of the following backgrounds:: 

  •  Adults, Homeschoolers
  •  Military Personnel and Their Families
  • Public School Students
  • Performers
  • Athletes
  • Students with disabilities
  • Incarcerated Students
  • Gifted Students
  • Home-Bound Students
  • and other backgrounds.

Head over to Indiana University Accredited High School Online to read more about this great opportunity. I am so excited about finding this out, now that we have other possibilities placed in front of us. (sigh of relief). If we accept this offer our oldest can still continue with her goal. Thank the Lord.

Have a super great weekend everyone!


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