New Look – What do you think?

First: I want to shout out to my new followers. I am sorry I didn’t get to welcome you sooner. 

Welcome to Home Is Cool 101 – Links Blog.  Just an FYI: ALL School Related Drop Boxes are on the Left side of this screen.  Keep scrolling down and you will find a variety of drop boxes. Also there are clickable pictures along the sides to.

UPDATE: All of the drop boxes are being updated and some drop boxes have been merged. This was done to limit wasted space and make room for more drop box links.  O yes, I still have more links to add and merge but that will have to wait for an other night. 

Well I have been up working on this blog for quite a while. I still have a few minor things to finish up. But for now, I hope you enjoy the new look. I will get back to some link postings during the holiday break.

Have a super great weekend! Early Merry Christmas!


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  RenJac wrote @

i like the new look

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