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I am both eager and excited to share this goody with my readers. 
I recently joined The Old SchoolHouse Review Crew and I am extremely excited about these reviews and sharing with all of you. I am also fairly nervous about my first year of reviews. {O_o}  As always on my blogs, I am fairly open and honest in all of my posts. I will do my best to give you as much information on each review as I can and my honest opinion of each product reviewed.
Are U Ready? … Ok, Here we go!…
My first review is over at  SchoolHouse Teachers.  Truthfully, It is hard to believe I have never heard about this site in my years of homeschooling. If you have not heard of this site, you have now. {o_o} 
I definitely recommend heading over after reading this review. Who knew SchoolHouse Teachers has so much to offer for every homeschooler. ( Ok so if you knew, Why didn’t you tell me? {O_O} )  At some point in time we all are looking for something different, something extra or something more. What ever you are looking for I am sure you will find something you can use at this site.
Alert:  Your gonna want to add this site to your favorites:
What will you find at SchoolHouse Teachers?
When you get to the SchoolHouse Teachers site you will see a toolbar like the attached picture.
Under each tab is the material you can use related to that age group.
There are loads of goodies here.
A super feature on this site is the Daily Checklist that gives a planned checklist so that using Schoolhouse Teachers is easy for your homeschool. There is no need to PLAN!!!  Best of all, there is a check list for Pre-K/Elementary, Middle School, High School and under Family. They even provide you with a blank planning sheet to plan on your own. (Truthfully, I do not use these as I have all of my planning on the computer. However, these are great for those who like the printable planners.)
Under the Pre-K/Elementary:

You can find subjects from History, Geography, Foreign Language, Reading, Lapbooking, Math and even Music.  Also, you can find more under Daily Lessons, Activities and F-U-N under the Dailies tab.

Here are some of our family likes:
  •  Everyday Games – offers different educational games through out the month.
  • Everyday Spelling – offers a weekly spelling list and it is offered for Pre-K/Elementary, Middle School and High School grade levels. Huge Plus in my book.
  • Ditch The Desk: Hands On K-5 –  I’m sold! I am a Hands On believer all the way. When I seen this, My eyes lit up! You will definitely like this section.
  • Every Day Explorers – If your child is interested in exploring – they will love this area. An other one of our favorite sections is exploring everything.
  • Pre-K Read and Play activities – Here there are coloring pages and craft sections. 2 of my little’s ones prefer coloring and crafting, my other one prefers crafting and ditching the coloring fun. He’s a typical boy. Lol!
  • Reading Lessons – are offered  for young and struggling readers with assistance from a Teachers Guide.
  • Every Day Astronomy – In our family, the sky is discussed everyday and night. We absolutely love discussing Gods Creation. So this was a definite attraction and LIKE. You will enjoy learning about the planets daily and doing some FUN Filled Hands on Activities. Let’s not forget the visits with NASA. Your children are sure to enjoy this section. 
 For the Older Kiddos, SchoolHouse Teachers has this to offer:

  •  Career Exploration – Your child can explore the different careers out there and discover what this world has to offer them. There are 8 weeks of lessons and exploring in various opportunities for your child.
  • College Choice Guidance – College can be overwhelming, NO Doubt. We are going through this with our oldest right now. We found this area to be useful not just for my oldest, but for us  as well. Even better, this area gives the tools needed to help Elementary aged students as well. This section offers resources and loads of information being offered from her website. Monthly they offer lessons for both parents and students.
  • Economics – provides students with fun ways to learn about economics including: Chocolate Economics, Urban Economics, Pirate Economics, Football Economics, Gamma Ray Economics and lastly, Christmas Budgets.
  • Worldviews – provides monthly studies on topics like Christianity and Science and Where Did the Universe Come From?
  • Chemistry – provides monthly High school level Chemistry lessons including labs. (Thank You TOS, My Daughter So Needed This One!) I am a Chemistry Illiterate. I am thankful to have this for my oldest now. (Whew, wipes forehead!)

There is something for everyone at SchoolHouse Teachers.  With a variety of subjects offered by Grade Levels, Topical Subjects, Interests and more.  

  • Want to learn a Foreign Language? There are lessons in French or Spanish.
  • Want to learn or teach Vocals or learn to play the Guitar?  There are Vocal Lessons and Guitar Lessons. *This works perfect for our house. I have 3 learning the guitar and 1 wanting vocal lessons.*
  • Are there interests in Film Making? With 26 weeks of learning, your film maker can become more like a pro. 

Wait, I am not finished.. I said there is something for everyone and there is.

  •  Is your child specially challenged? Guess what?!  I am excited to say or post,  there is a place for them and you here at SchoolHouse Teachers. There is a specially challenged educational consultant on board offering lessons for your precious child.

With encouraging words and offering lessons like the following:

  • Modifying and Adapting.
  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Writing Short Term Goals For Your Students Education
  • When your child continues to struggle

and there really is more…

How we use schoolhouse teachers

I am always on the look out for more extras. No Kidding! I may not get to use them all at once, but I am always on the look out.  At this site, I have found more then I could of imagined. First of all, the fact that they are offering music lessons is a HUGE plus in my book. I have always been a part of some sort of music. I do not know really how to play instruments per say as I can only play by ear.

So when my oldest, my 6 yo and my husband decided they wanted to learn the guitar, I went on a long long search for some sort of lesson curriculum. Believe me when I say, there are a lot of BORING videos, curriculum and books. We are more of the hands on approach. Ya know, everyone has their own opinion. My last resort was to start some lessons by learning about the instrument and then working from there. My husband later found some good lessons on youtube that was a start. But when I recieved schoolhouse teachers as my first review, my jaw dropped and I was sold from there. Not only does he have lessons for us to print off, he has a video aslo. YES!  Along with this I found the vocal lessons. We are definately getting our use of the music area.

As I mentioned earlier, I am enjoying the College Prep area as well. I am learning a lot of things abourt the preparing for College. I am honestly swetting bullets on this preparing stuff. At least now we have a direction to head in.  Also, my oldest was struggling for some while with  French curriculum we had. We have changed that up twice now. She is now working lessons from Schoolhouse Teachers and we have a lot of ground to cover and I am confident she will do better.

There truly is so much on this site to use and I am praying we are able to cover everything in this year. The astronomy, exploring and the actual spelling lists for each child and I can go on.. There is so much for everyone. 

The best part about this site, Everything you need is here:

Why spend countless hours searching all over the Internet for curriculum replacements or extras? If you visit Schoolhouse Teachers your sure to find what your looking for. You can use this website to pull an entire curriculum together. Remember, they even have the planning pages to help you plan your curriculum. (Truthfully, I do not use these because I keep all of my planning on the computer. This is still great for those who do like to use printable planners)

With a Schoolhouse Teachers subscription you get loads of curriculum goodies and if you look under the extras tab you will find:


  •  Monthly ebooks 
  • Schoolhouse planners
  • Free TOS supplements
  • TOS (The Old Schoolhouse) Back Issues
  • Read TOS Magazine online
There are even sample lesson on Schoolhouse Teachers  for writing, math, and others Check them out here..

Are you interested?

If you go over to Schoolhouse Teachers  right now and sign up on on their website, you can try them out immediately. Access all you need for $1 your first month. You will have 30 days to try out everything this site has to offer. And believe me, you will need the 30 days to check out this entire site. Then, if you want to continue your subscription, you will be billed $5.95 each month and keep enjoying the benefits. You can also choose to get a year subscriptions for $64.26.

Right now you can get an annual subscription for $49A savings of  $15.26.  Also, you can get The Old Schoolhouse tote and the 2013 Annual Print Book for purchasing an annual subscription. Check out the deal. You can cancel at anytime!

If you haven’t checked out The Old Schoolhouse magazine, you can see the December issue here. Or get their free app on your tablet or smart phone to read it on the go.

My honest opinion, don’t wait! Try Schoolhouse Teachers out now. You won’t be disappointed. With Christmas only a few weeks away, this would make a great holiday gift for anyone.

Would you like to read more reviews on Schoolhouse Teachers? Check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviews.  Are you currently using or in the past have you tried Schoolhouse Teachers in your homeschool? If so, please comment below this post and let me know what you think about them. I am sure there are others that would like to see what everyone else is saying about Schoolhouse Teachers.


{Disclaimer: I received a free Schoolhouse Teacher subscription through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review.  I am not required to write a positive review nor am I compensated in any other way. All opinions within this post are from me or those of my family based on our experience with schoolhouse teachers.}



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How is Grams?

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Great Review! I love how you were able to communicate all of the many things included on in one interview. It truly is a fantastic website!

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wow…that was a thorough review. Good read through it. :)Just stopping in from the TOS review crewannette from A Net in Time

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