Delaware: 1st State to pass…..

Here is something that will spark a debate a cross the United States. Not only will it spark a debate, but it is also a good lesson of Government/History Courses. If you have religion view why this definately will intrest you. Not only does this spark attention for an educational lesson, this sparks attention for parental rights and too much controlled government…

Sitting in the Time Out Chair in Delaware

Delaware Governor Jack Markell recently signed Senate Bill 234, making the state the first in the nation to outlaw corporal punishment, even in the home by parents.  

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, the problem with the bill lies in insertion of “pain” in the definition of “physical injury” in the child abuse and neglect laws.  Spanking has now become a crime in that state punishable by imprisonment.

Some see this as a good move by the state to protect children. Others see an outlawing of reasonable corporal punishment as a violation of the rights of parents to raise their children. What do you think?   This is the subject of our web page poll question this week that you can take here:



  Robbyn wrote @

Delaware is serious about protecting children and preventing child abuse.

The research is clear, spanking is correlated to a plethora of negative outcomes in the short run (increased aggressive behavior) and in the long term (mental illness, adolescent drug use, adolescent suicide, depression). The list goes on. is an excellent resource for the science. Spanking is on the continuum of violence. A little is bad, more is worse.

Here’s Peter Newell’s explanation of why spanking should be banned:

  Homeschool101 wrote @

Thank you for your comment. We welcome any comments and feedback. On the reply to your comment, It is strongly disagreed. Spanking is a form of discipline and correction. What you are talking about is abuse. There is a strong difference between discipline and abuse. The problem with this generation is they cry about having to be responsible. So lets pass the law so we dont have to be responsible, hence the reason for this generations poorly brought up kids. There are still a handful of good decent parents out there that believe in discipline the right way and that brings us a handful of good parenting and children. Unfortunately, we have more kids today that are spoiled, pampered and pure brats. I am sorry to say that out loud. I am appalled at some of the behavior I see today and the excuses condoning their actions. I am sorry, but here on our blog, we disagree and we will not support such a vulgar add. There is a huge difference between abuse and spanking. I ought to know because I was physically and sexually abused growing up.
Thank you for your comment none the less.

Ephesians 6:1-4 ESV
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Exodus 20:12 ESV
“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

Scriptures on discipline:
Ephesians 6:4, Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 22:6, Proverbs 23:13-15, Hebrews 12:5-11, Deuteronomy 21:18-21

amidst plenty of others.

  JRJ2015 wrote @

OK Now why is it ok for SCHOOLS to have STRANGERS spank our children but when WE AS PARENTS the ones that GAVE BIRTH TO THEM, ends up having them taken away from us and arrested.
You know to me that is messed up !!!
We GIVE THEM LIFE, we cloth them, we feed them, we raise them,and yet WE are the ones that gets ARRESTED.

  Homeschool101 wrote @

Precisely, Take parental rights away but give the school or Government power or control. That is why this country is so messed up. They rather the Government take care of their business for them then take care of it themself. Tell me why our ancestors fought to give us a better country and take away Government control when the ignorance of today is only bringing it back. Its called laziness and irresponsibility!

  JRJ2015 wrote @


  Homeschool101 wrote @

Its commone sense really if you think about it. Do you want the Government to tell you when you can poop or p? Would you like them to wipe your butt and pay your bills while they are at it? Dumbifying America is all this is for control. I am sorry, I dont give control to no one but my heavenly father. Otherwise I do what is my best as I should and take full responsibility over my life and my families. I dont need some moron in the White House, House of Reps, or Congress for that matter to tell me what is wrong or right because I know what is wrong or right. If parents would do their job like they are supposed to then that is the very first thing instilled in their child! All this is, lack of parenting and government contorl. You want to cry abuse, I can tell you what is abuse and what is not. Discipline and abuse is two totally different things. Abuse is when you have burises and cuts all over your body because someone cant keep their hands off you. Spanking is when you are being corrected, it is not a consistant blow. It is one or two pops on the behind and that is it followed by a calm toned No!

  Homeschool101 wrote @

This is excatly what I mean. Parents lose their parental rights so that Government/Schools can control the situations. I have heard this one too many times from public school teachers and parents as well as Legal counselors stating the whole issue is about control and a cut down of parental rights, which by the way I will note, VIOLATES our constitutional rights.

Anyone wish to clarify this article? Its ok to have a school discipline spanking but a parent is not allowed to discipline their own child? Sorry, I think not!

  Delaware: 1st State to pass….. « IAmOneWeAreThree wrote @

[…] Delaware: 1st State to pass…… […]

  Robbyn wrote @

19 States still allow for teachers and principles to assault children as a form of “discipline.” It is alarming.

Go to: to see a documentary trailer about this brutal practice. Go to: to learn about the federal bill attempting to protect all USA schoolchildren.

As for spanking, and your deep concern for protecting your rights as a parent…. 50 years ago husbands were trying to protect their right to admonish their wives with physical punishment. What about children having a right to be free from ALL forms of violence.

Consider this, your fear that the lack of spanking is resulting in more poorly behaved children is a fear but it is not a fact that can be supported by any research. In fact, the research supports that spanking is incredibly destructive with long term effects that you can’t even see immediately.

Why would you raise your children with any form of violence if you could do otherwise. Millions of Christian parents raise their children without hitting them, and their children are healthy people. Do you really want to defend your right to hit your children? Who else do you have a right to hit?

  Robbyn wrote @

Christians against violent parenting:

  Homeschool101 wrote @

Violent parenting is abuse, again, spanking is not violent when used properly!

  Robbyn wrote @

Your logic escapes me. Spanking is hitting. It is a form of violence.

  Homeschool101 wrote @

Only when it is uncontrollable. Spanking has been around for a very long time. Matter of fact SWITCHING has been around longer. I know people who use a switch as is the same approach of a paddle. I do not believe in using a paddle, switch or a belt for that matter. But a spanking is not harmful unless you abuse the right to spank meaning consistant hitting. A spanking is usually one or two swats across the rear end nothing more followed by a calm spoken tone correction, be it No or No or what ever is necessary. Again, Not abuse. HUGE difference then abuse. I would take a spanking any day over what I got. If you have never been abused then you really have not idea what abuse is.

  Homeschool101 wrote @

Re: to your comment consider this my fear: Let me make one thing clear to you, I fear nothing and NO one but God himself. My days of fearing anyone on this earth are gone. I have rights that were granted to me as an American Citizens that I WILL fight for because it is my right according to the Constitution of United States of America. No peon is going to take my right away from me period, because of their laziness to work and accept responsibilities. If you want to cry abuse then all that cry lazieness abuse can find an island and go their and raise their spoiled undisciplined kids. Sorry, Disagree with you. I think I know more then anything what abuse is being abused as a child. Children deserve rights but lets not go over board. Remember the parents are the ones who brought them in to this world by the grace of god. Some parents unwanting them, But you know what, you made your bed you can lay in it. If parents that didnt want their kids would accept RESPONSIBILITY then in a lot of cases we would not see crying adults today over stupidity. Sorry nothing you say is going to sink me up with you. Being that I walked the shoes of abuse before. I think I know what I am talking about when it comes to abuse..

Thx for posting.

  Robbyn wrote @

By the way, I would welcome your comments on my blog. I really want to have all points of view represented.

I’m taking a poll about banning spanking, so please cast your vote!

  Homeschool101 wrote @

Already took your poll, thnx. Unfortunately you will not convince me of what I believe strongly in. Believe me when I say, I will not tolerate any form of abuse nor would I allow myself to become abusive after all I have been through. I am extremely protective of my children and yes I do believe in spanking as a form of DISCIPLINE. My kids in their whole life have had honestly as many as maybe 5 spankings, some less then others. Again, the lack of parenting as well as education is what is driving lazieness across the country today leading people to make igornant decisons like this. That on top of kids having kids because of again I note, Lack of parenting. Lets just let the Governmetn handle this issue, Hence this case here in Delaware. Thx for posting.

  JRJ2015 wrote @

Any one? Come on we want replies lol

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