Attn. Readers: I am on and off because…

I apologize for the break I am in between atm. In this last month I have been back in forth between hospitals and now the nursing home visiting with my gram and a family friend. It seems that recently, the enemy is attacking individuals in their health. In the last 4 weeks alone my grammy who is 89 has fallen ill in her health and now has been admitted in to a nursing home to see if is she is capable of coming out of what she has been through along with the added diagnosis of dementia. We are in a waiting stage with what is going to happen next, Will God spare her or go ahead and call her home? Every day is a new day and we are walking with step by step trusting He knows what is best. Along with my grammy, a family friend was admitted to the hospital and has now followed my grammy over to the nursing home, our prayers are going up for him as well. Along with these two concerns, my other grannie is scheduled for heart surgery, my grandfather had a mild heart attack, an other family friend went in for testing, they thought he had a mild heart attack – praise God he didnt, but the answers are still floating out there as to what caused his situation and in light of all of this a cousin of mine is due for deliverying her first child. On top of all of these attacks the enemy has been causing, my family has been under attack with illness and such because of the added concerns with illnesses to family and friends near us as well as some drama that ones around us tend to create because they have nothing better to do with themself. I tell ya, as if I dont have anything better to do in my day then argue Gods Word with a mindless, selfish, invisible and stubborn devil that wants nothing more then to pound everyone with false statements. Yeesh! I am literally exhausted, but continue to walk step by step each day as it rolls in with Gods truth in hand. So please lift us up in your prayers if you remember through your day. Have super blessed week and I will be on and off to post here and there. God bless ya!


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Praying here Tiffy…

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