Cell Biology

This website, sponsored by Nature Publishing Group, offers The Essentials of Cell Biology, a free e-book course that provides an introduction to cell biology for students of all ages


“Start Learning Cell Biology.” Click on the red words, “Essentials of Cell Biology,” to access the free e-book that includes:

  • The origin of the cell
  • How cells are organized
  • How cells reproduce
  • How cells use energy
  • Processes that regulate cell function and variety in living organisms
  • Proteins in different cell types
  • Cellular structures
  • How cells communicate
  • Cell division

At the end of each unit, there is the option to test your knowledge with multiple-choice questions. If you click on “Topics” on the menu you will find a list of other free e-books covering topics such as Dengue Fever and the Essentials of Genetics. More advanced learners can try the online teaching/learning portal providing global exchange of scientific insights, ideas, and resources.

courtesy of : http://www.ClickSchooling.com


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