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Dual Credit for Homeschoolers

Dual credit—college credit in high school—it’s huge. And homeschoolers especially love the idea of dual credit because it makes a lot of practical sense.

But there’s a problem

As much as homeschool families love the idea of dual credit, few are in love with the two most popular dual credit options: Advanced Placement (AP) and Community College.

AP is expensive and requires students to take additional courses and buy additional curriculum. And Community College, well, let’s just say there’s something very un-homeschooling about sending your student into a classroom and onto a conveyor-belt just to earn dual credit.

Solution to the problem

What if there was a dual credit program designed just for your homeschool student and that didn’t require them to take additional courses, buy additional curriculum, or hop on the conveyor-belt, would you be interested?

There is—and in just 1 semester your homeschooler can earn 12 college credits and 2 high school credits for what they are already learning, using curriculum you already own—for 60% less than AP and 46% less than Community College.

Learn more by clicking this link:  

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