Butterfly vs Moth – Can You Tell The difference?

When we are out in nature we get to see all kinds living things. Animals, Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles, Plants and etc… Some fly, some don’t. Some we recognize and some we don’t. Today, We got to see a rare treat for our area.

When you see butterflies and moths, typically its not that hard to tell them a part, right? Well for most of us it isn’t. But today, I got tricked. I knew something didn’t appear right and now I understand why!

So today I am going to post the rare treat we saw today as well as all the interesting things that happened to my kids and I today while heading to great grammy’s house to mow the lawn for her.

Upon our arrival today, Grammy said, “Quick, go to the garage and look at this HUGE Butterfly we found. I kept the garage door closed because I knew you were coming and the kids would get a kick out of this. So, needless to say, We went to the garage to find this HUGE Butterfly my grammy was talking about. Only, not only was it HUGE, But was it a butterfly or a moth? 

I will tell you that in a moment. Here are some pictures for you to look at.



Any guess on what this beautiful big insect is? 


Yes, I said a MOTH! BUT…
Not just any moth!

One of the BIGGEST MOTHS known around Northern America.
What makes this beauty so special. It is a rare moth today and we had the privilege of seeing it. How cool!
About The Cecropia


Would you like to know what else we saw today? I will just note, YES, I was looking up after all that happened today to see if any birds were gonna fall out of the sky!  I caution you as one picture towards the bottom is GROSS – But a simple part of life!

As we continued to work in the yard, Grammy has an old tree stump that is dead and almost ready to fall over. We decided, SCIENCE, Lets go investigate it. And out from under neath this stump comes,   MISS MOMMA SPIDER! Can you see her blended in the grass, HINT: She has her egg sac near her rear-end!

Both top and bottom pics are different but you can see her, 
she is black and has the white blue egg sac on her rear end.

The bottom picture, you can see her two back legs
cover over the egg sac.


Sadly, Today, We say farewell to MS Momma Rabbit.
She leaves behind her youngin, carefully tucked under the deck.
Old enough to care for herself, yet still young.

Ms Rabbit was found today near the fence.
Join us with a prayer as we lay Ms Rabbit to rest!

Ms Rabbit was dear to my daughter, 
so she buried her.

This was all in ONE day!


  RJ wrote @

OMGAWD you took a pic of the spideraaah beautiful grave.Oh wow thats HUGE LOL Id grabbed the fly swatter rofl

  homeschool101 wrote @

Ordinarily I would, But this was so fascinating that I had to get closer. The thing was, it was not scared of me at all. I had my gloves on and it let me pick it up, just stayed on my hand. I think its wings was hurt, probably cause so fat. Lol. Finally, we got it to fly off up in tree.

  RJ wrote @

ack jeff left the ceiling fan on in bedroom, now Im sick ooof, Im boxing him up and mailing him yalls way, do what yall want with him rofl

  homeschool101 wrote @

Roflol! Return To Sender! 😄

  RJ wrote @


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