What to Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Want You to Homeschool‏

Another Great AOP read for Homeschooling Parents:

 Most mothers seem to understand the need to homeschool their children sooner than dads. Perhaps our nurturing nature or sensitive awareness allows the Holy Spirit to convict us that our children would best learn at home. However, what do you do when your husband doesn’t want to homeschool and you do? Start with these four guidelines:

  1. Pray and trust God to reveal the same burden to him as He did to you. Much of married life is God bringing two people together on the same page. Trust that God is going to show you and your husband the same thing. God is able, but you are not. Understanding this truth will make you and your husband’s relationship stronger and also give you the strength you need to be an effective homeschool teacher.

 2. Find the root of his reasoning and talk about it. Your husband’s reluctance may stem from a variety of reasons. He may even share some of the same doubts as you, including questions like

    • Will I have to give up all my free time and hobbies?
    • Will I have time to spend alone with my wife?
    • Do I have what it takes to make this commitment?

Your husband may also be having trouble with the idea his son or daughter will not be the sports hero in school. He may feel that they will be less popular as a result of homeschooling. Dads love to be proud of their children and brag about their accomplishments.

3. Provide information and resources for your husband on homeschooling, as well as testimonials from other homeschooling dads. Most men need facts to help with their decision making. Show him how you would schedule your day, what curriculum you would use, and how you would keep records.

4. Be prepared to accept your husband’s decision if he says no. Even if you can’t reach an agreement about teaching your children at home, you can diligently work with your children on their homework while they attend school. 

Get involved in school boards and PTA’s, volunteer in the classroom or on field trips, and build a relationship with your child’s teacher. If your children attend public school, you can teach a Bible course at home to incorporate godly teaching into their studies. Whatever the concern that’s causing your husband to be wary of homeschooling, you need to talk in a calm and undemanding way. Remember the truths of 1 Peter 3:1 and let your godly behavior win him over. None of us likes change, but God can win your husband’s heart if you give God time.


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