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Forwarding this email on to all of you who may be interested.

Homeschool Greetings, Would you please consider forwarding this message to friends and your homeschool group. In response to many requests, we recently opened registration for our..

New Relaxed Pace Math Classes
  – Algebra I
– Algebra II
– Geometry
– Pre-Calculus

  These are slower paced math classes for students who would prefer to have more time to complete the course. Weekly assignments are smaller in volume and scope than the standard class, enabling students to more easily keep pace with the class. In addition to the regular school year, these courses add ten weeks of class during the summer following the school year (from mid May through late July). This is also helpful to many students in that it eliminates having an entire summer with no math before beginning the next math class.

  The current early registration discount is good through May 1.
  Details are here..

  Italy Mission / Educational Trip

  Would you please consider forwarding this message to your homeschool group and friends who may be interested..

Our Italy Mission / Educational Trip is open forregistration.

We’ll spend the first day and a half in Rome touring areas of interest such as:
– The Colosseum
– The Sistine Chapel
– The Vatican Museums
– Capitol Hill
– Saint Peter’s Basilica
– The Roman Forum
– Palatine Hills
– Venice Square

Then, we’ll take a train to Pescara, a small town on the Adriatic Sea. There we will assist missionaries as they minister to local people. We’ll help with English lessons at a local elementary school (6 to 11 year-olds) and we’ll serve the local community as needed. 

We’ll also spend time visiting areas of interest outside of Pescara and being a part of the local culture. Topics which will be covered by our Landry Academy teachers as preparation (via online class sessions) and while in Italy:
  – The basics of the Italian language for daily communication
– How to prepare for a mission trip and what to expect
– Local Italian history; church, culture, military
– Current climate in Italy; church, education, military, social, technology, and economy.

  The current early registration discount is good through May 1.
  Italy Mission / Educational Trip details are here..


  Live Online Classes

  The current early registration discount on our 100+ live online classes is good through May 1.. details are here..


  — Two Day Intensives – 44 Cities Throughout the U.S.— Complete 1 Year of Labs in 2 Fun, Fast-Paced Days
– General Science (5th-9th Grade)
– Writing (college prep)
– Chemistry (9th-12th Grade
– Biology / Anatomy (8th-12th Grade)
– Physical Science (7th-12th Grade)

  Current early registration discount good through May 1.
  Details are here..


  Landry Academy – Academic Summer Camps On the Campus of Lees McRae College

  Students love our Academic Summer Camps! They’re a week of fun and learning in a wholesome, encouraging environment. Our faculty is top-notch – they are passionate about teaching in their area of expertise and they love the Lord. We’ve done these camps for years.. of all the academics we offer these are probably my favorite. It’s a more relaxed environment than a “class” and students just soak up the information. We offer these on a small Christian College campus and we practically have the campus to ourselves – it’s a great place for academic camps.

  Our Week-Long Summer Academic Camps at Lees McRae College..
Camp Meteorology
– Camp CSI
– Camp Computer Game Programming
– Camp Chemistry
– Camp Christian Music Jam
– Camp Art
– Camp Anatomy and Physiology
– Camp Biology
– Camp C.S. Lewis
– Camp Photography
– Camp Pre-Law / Mock Trial
– Camp Psychology
– Camp Physics

  We also offer a great “3 Camp Special” rate. Camp video, photos, and details are here.. (current early registration discount isavailable through May 1..

  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me: or 828-265-4101.

 In His Grip,

 Greg Landry, 
M.S.Homeschool Dad
Former College Professor
Founder and Director, Landry Academy


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