Design Your Own Space Station & More!

Ok Hoosiers, This one is for you! click here to view the site:

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum offers a FreeField Guide to the Universe” and an interactive game that allows kids to try their hand at building and maintaining a space station for astronauts. When you get to the website, place your cursor over the image of the book or the astronaut to access:

  1. Field Guide To The Universe – Get information on the Solar System, learn about various space craft, discover astronomers in ancient times, medieval times, the age of enlightenment, and today!
  2. Living In Space: Interactive Game – Answer questions correctly to try and earn the rank of “Mission Commander.” You’ll learn the answers to:•What’s the best air (gas mixture) to breathe in space?

  • How much water should you bring to drink? 
  • What combination of protein, carbs, calories and fat should the food you bring contain? 
  • What kind of space toilet will you need? 
  • What’s the best power source to use? 
  • How will you bathe in space? 
  • How many oxygen-producing plants will you need?

    At the end of the game you can print out a certificate of completion.


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