Blog Update: Problem Solved!

Ok, thank you for being patient. I now know what the problem is… Google and microsoft went to war and now NO longer will microsoft support Google and vice versa. I can view any blog through blogger in IE but I can not see my account through blogger.

If you get the upgrade pushed from blogger    well, all I can say is have fun. Several months back there was a few posts I read by other’s on blogger, their post inclined that it was Googles way to force everyone over to Google. That vary well may be the case but it is also the case of the issues Google has with Microsoft.  

Sooo… Now the fun part to all of us having Blogger issues. We get to decide if we want to continue using blogger and work around the issues, be forced over to google or just plain up and leave. I dont mind google search engine but I’m not to pleased w google chrome. As I noted in my previous post, I do have a wordpress blog up. I merged all of this blog over and continue to merge the links over.

 I will keep this up for a while and continue to try and use it, BUT.. I will also try out wordpress to see what is best for my compatability here. I will keep posting updates but for right now I am typing on phone this post and taking the rest day off as I have worked a week on this mess. I will be back monday for posting.

To view this blog currently up over at wordpress, please click this link:  


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