Farewell Tribute to McGee & the 4th Clutch. ( Sadly Molly is now alone.)

Well to those who followed Molly and McGee, There is sad news this year in the owl box.. Molly and McGee were on the 4th clutch this year, the sad news begins with McGee. McGee went MIA around March 9th leaving Molly to tend to the hatchlings and the yet to be hatched eggs. 😦 Sad news to all who have enjoyed watching Molly and McGee in their box hatching owlettes over the last 2 years.

While McGee went MIA, leaving Molly to leave the nest for food and come back to warm her younging and soon to be hatched eggs, that latest news is that her newest younging DeeDee and her soon to be hatched eggs were no longer alive. 😦  Sadly the only living owl of this family is Molly.

So to the last two years of adventures, learning and watching these barn owls, Today we remember these amazing creatures and their youngins. If you would like to read more, you can click on the blog link attached. Molly & McGee Owl Box Blog


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  RJ wrote @

wow 😦 .. Thanks, I worked hard on both blogs 🙂

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