Field Museum Chocolate Tour

At this website, Field Museum Chocolate Virtual Touryou can take an animated tour to virtually pick cacao pods and process cocoa beans into chocolate!

When you get to the site, click on the words, “Begin the chocolate-making process,” to start the interactive tour.

Education on Chocolate ,  Here you can find “Cocoa Connections: From Beans to Bars” that is a free, downloadable series of 12 lessons about chocolate. Students will:

1.Discover the botanical source of chocolate, Theobroma Cacao, a small tree of the tropical rainforest interior.

2.Explore the ecological connections between people, plants, insects, and other animals within the tree’s habitat.

3.Investigate cultural interactions and conservation concerns resulting from the cultivation, processing, exchange, and consumption of cacao.

4.Recognize the changing economic and cultural roles of cacao and chocolate in local and global economies over time.



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