Our Native Crafts Thus Far

Just thought I would share what we have been up to this week. Here are some of our Native Crafts we have done this round. 🙂

A necklace by one of my girls, and also our Tomahawk.
The Tomahawk kit was fun, kinda confusing at first, but Yay, We got it!
I must be having a week of confusion, Lol!

Some of the other necklaces made below:

Who can resist getting the fur? Not me! Lol!
 The rabbit fur we got last year.
Here is our Tomahawk, some of Necklaces,
Our recent moccasins craft. (pain) 🙂

Here is the arrowhead necklace, I started with the kids.
I have nto decided if I will add more or keep it like this.
I need a few more long beads but we ran out. Lol!
So this is a start and a pause, you could say.

All of these crafts are native related. You can find the Tomahawk kit, Moccasins kit and Arrow heads as well as bead at Hobby Lobby. 🙂

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cool yall

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