A Social Studies Thanksgiving

Site of Interest:  Frans World
Age Range: All

Learning takes on a life of it’s own at this website created by veteran homeschool mom Fran Wisniewski who provides terrific Thanksgiving-themed activities that explore the history of the holiday and the symbols associated with it. Get ready to have some fun!

When you get to the site you’ll see the featured post of the day. You can simply scroll down the page to read the entries, or use the menu on the left side of the page that includes:

  • *Wild Turkeys – Trace your hands and feet to create a turkey masterpiece.
  • *The Three Sisters – Find out why Native Americans referred to corn, beans, and squash as the “Three Sisters” and do an art activity that combines all three!
  • *Squash Pumpkins – Bake a pumpkin pie right in the pumpkin shell!
  • *Beans – Make Bean Soup and grow a bean plant.
  • *Corn – Make traditional corn bread.

Not only does Fran provide the complete instructions for how to do the activities at home, but she provides pictures of her family’s efforts that clearly illustrate the results you can expect. Plus you’ll find links to more web-based resources to further your learning experience.

Fran wrote “The Three Sisters: A Native American Curriculum for Thanksgiving” that is featured for free on UniversalPreschool.com. It is chock-full of innovative ways to learn math, science, history, and art – all themed around Thanksgiving! The whole family will enjoy these educational activities.

Fran wrote, “In my world education is interesting, the choices are endless and everyone learns at their own pace, in a way that works for them.” Her website is testament to her point of view. Don’t miss it!

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