NASA Updates The Asteroid FlyBy

For a week now we all have heard about the Asteroid that is going to cross Earths path. Well today is the big day. That is right, it is already Nov 8, early am. 🙂 Tonight, moments before the NBC nightly news broadcast, (Central time around 6:27p) Asteroid 2005 YU55 will come close to Earth while crossing orbit. While the exact path is uncertain, it will still be a neat site to witness. (Telescope is likely needed to see this spectacular scene.) 

So whats the big deal about this asteroid? Its not going to his us! This is a big deal because this wont happen again until 2028. Very rare event indeed. If you have your telescopes out, get ready for this momentous occasion and those with out a telescope, be watching the news and stay tuned to NASA’s updates.  (heck there may be a small glimpes of it in the sky somewhere for the eye to see it.)

While this is in the news it would be a great mini lesson to do with the kiddos. Both scientific and history. 🙂

Below are some sites about this exciting event as well as NASA Updates:

NASA’s Updates

A animated path of the asteroid crossing the orbit.

Media Coverage


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