Do You Want to Learn or Teach Sign?

Do you want to learn sign language?

Here is a great free site from American Sign Language.  This site is highly recommended and all I have spoke with say that it is the most used in the sign language. Some of the other sign books or sites will teach some words or sentences different then the ASL. I do recommend this site since it is most used. I do use this site with my kids, we do like this site.

This site offers:

  • 30 ASL lessons at the top of the page
  • First 100 Signs
  • FREE LESSONS that you can print off and make in to a binder
  • Life Print Library
  • Dictionary
  • Numbers
  • Jokes
  • Sign Language Wallpaper/Screen Saver
  • Fringer Spelling Practice Tool & Learning Tool
  • Finger Spelling ART
  • Teaching ASL
  • Much encouragement along the way
  • Newsletter Archives
  • Videos and I am sure I missed some things….

This again is most used in the Sign – Language. I recommend clicking on the FREE Lessons and pinting them off placing them in to a binder ahead of time. 


When you click on the link below, take a moment to view the site. It is FREE!

I also want to note, In the ELECTIVES Dropbox below there is already a Sign DropBox. I already added this site to it, so this post will be up for a short time. 🙂


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