Biology Science Site

About this site:

Age Range: All

This website, created by Roger C. Wagner, vividly demonstrates how computers can be utilized to enhance biological images, such as electron micrographs of molecules and cells, and models of biological entities.

When you get to the site, click on the text above any of the photos to see a collection of stunning computer-enhanced images. The photos are categorized according to the method of enhancement used. (Click each link for a brief explanation of what that enhancement entailed.)

*Colored Electron Micrographs – Color was Photo-shopped into gray-scale photos taken by electron microscopes, with positively amazing results.

*3D Models of Biological Structures – These models were constructed using 3D imaging software (click the link for a full description of how they were made.)

*Confocal Microscopic Images – More advanced students may wish to read up on this time-consuming process as described on Wikipedia

Wikipedia, but everyone can enjoy the clear detail and radiant color of the resulting images.

*Anaglyph Stereo Images – Get your red-green 3D glasses ready to see the beautiful stereoscopic images that resulted.

*Imaginary Life Forms and Imaginary Worlds – These fantastic creations showcase what computers can do to enhance anything that can be imagined and sketched.

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