Free Owlette Masks For Little Ones on Halloween

We all love our Molly and McGee Barn Owls. They have been off air a while. Carlos Royal takes breaks between air time as the first air time he gave to Molly and McGee over whelmed him and his lovely wife, being on nearly 24/7.

At any rate, Carlos has several sites set up for Molly and McGee Updates. You can link up with them by clicking this button or snatch the button at the right side of the screen, scrolling down.

At any rate, in my email from Mr. Royal, he notes there are FREE Halloween Owlette Masks for the Kiddos. If you would like to download this years Owlettes Mask for your kiddos or last years, you can click this link added below.

Here you can find all the lastest Molly and McGee Material at the link below.

I want to also note that when you click the button for Molly and McGee above, it will connect you the Royals Blog Page and post you on all the latest updates going on for Molly and McGee. Or you can click this link here to go directly to the blog page:


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