Fall Is Everywhere – So Are Fall Crafts

Everywhere we look right now, much of us are already seeing the beautiful colors and fall like weather. I love this time of the  year. So what things can we incorporate around fall other then our history celebrated lessons.

We are going out to gather colorful leaves today and make some fall crafts and have some fun. Things you can do to incorporate Fall in your day:

  • Fall Wreaths (Gathering leaves, acorns, pinecones, etc.)

For this all you need is your gatherings, paper plate or cardstock paper – if acorns or pinecones are larger you may want to use cardboard to make your wreathe. You will also need a hot glue gun

  • Preserve your leaves you found to study them later using Elaminate or Wax Paper

For this all you need is your Ironing board, Iron, a towel, wax paper and leaves or if you are using elaminate machine you will need elaminating pouches.

  • Make a picture decoration with your leaves

For this you will need any of these: small or medium painting canvas that will fit a frame, white paper or cardstock paper. Hot glue gun, picture frame, acrylic paint of your choice if you want to paint your leaves.

  • Do a unit study on a any leaf or leaves and have your child(ren) write a brief write up about what they learned with the leaf glued to the page they are doing the write up on.
  • Make a Fossil of the leaf

For this all you woul need is air drying clay, your gatherings of leaves or fossil items and brown shoe polish. Flatten your clay and lay your item to be fossil on clay pressing gently but firm enough to imprint your fossil on to clay. let it dry and paint a light coat of the brown shoe polish over your fossil and let it dry. Wala.. ( I put waxpaper under the clay for drying.)

Here below I am adding a few links with more crafts you can do for fall learning.


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