Principal Bans Fall Celebrations, Including Teaching of Our History

Ok, Though we celebrate much of the Harvest Festivities, We do not celebrate Halloween. Halloween is probably the biggest festivity in Fall that most everyone celebrates, Excluding us. But not only is there fall, there are loads of others if we really get down to the nitty gritty and run through them.

Native American Festivities, Johnny Appleseed Festivities, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, I mean really, we could have a list for all the fall festivities going on. Regardless of our list, to ban much of the festivities that are geared around our history, that is obserd. Though I think the principal was more geared on Halloween Festivities she included Columbus day teaching and other History based celebrations and teachings that are typical for this time of year.

I am sorry, I must say and in no disrespect by any means, If your from an other country and your not from this country, if you are offended at our history and celebrations, Please go back to your own country. I would never go to another country and tell them because I am there to stop celebrating or teaching their history. That is obserd and in fact most countries have laws that state visitors and even immigrants migrating over will respect the laws, legislation and traditions of that country. They would probably throw me or anyone else for that matter in jail for trying to change their culture up. Why dont we inforce this here. Looks like to me we should. So no disrespect by any means, I am not prejudice but if you dont like our country traditions, our history, etc.. Go back to the country you originated from and live by your country beliefs there. This is the United States of America for heavens sake. Its not come and change the country to your liking.

Ok, in reading on, this post does disturb me. Can you tell? Not just about the Halloween issue, but the fact that this principal is telling the teachers to ignore teaching some of our History. (Columbus, Thanksgiving) Really?! I can understand the Halloween issue as not everyone celebrates it, but really?! In the classroom it comes down to this. When my oldest dd attended the public school her short time, I never requested that the school ban Halloween parties. My daughter usually was absent the day of the party and the school was aware of the reason why. I think this principal is over stepping the line just a tad. This countries foundation of FREEDOM is being taken more and more each day. So this is definately another wake up call to the people. If it starts here, rest assured it may start something up down the road.


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  Renee wrote @

Oh i see another idiot in our public school systems, did you know there was a town that banned dancing. Come on people wake up,LOL Tiff no wonder so many are turning to HS lol

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