Glowing Slime Experiment(s)


  • popsicle sticks
  • water
  • disposable cups
  • borax (laundry whitener)
  • clear glue (or glue gel) or white glue
  • yellow highlighter
  • measuring spoons
  • scissors
  • UV black light

To make this slime, combine ½ cup of water with 1 teaspoon of sodium tetraborate (also known as ‘Borax’) in a cup and stir with a popsicle stick. ( Amazon offers Borax here: )

In another cup, mix equal parts white glue and water. Add a glob of the glue mixture to the sodium tetraborate mixture. Stir for a second with a popsicle stick, then quickly pull the putty out of the cup and play with it until it dries enough to bounce on the table (3 to 5 minutes). Pick up an imprint from a textured surface or print from a newspaper, bounce and watch it stick, snap it apart quickly and ooze it apart slowly …

To make glowing slime, add one simple ingredient to make your slime glow under a UV light (or in sunlight)! You’ll need to extract the dye from the felt of a bright yellow highlighter pen and use the extract instead of water. (Simply cut open the pen and let water trickle over the felt into a cup: instant glow juice.) For the best slime results, substitute clear glue or glue gel for the white glue.

Don’t forget: You’ll need a long-wave UV source (also known as a “black light”) to make it glow (fluorescent lights tend to work better than incandescent bulbs or LEDs). This slime will glow faintly in sunlight, because you get long-wave UV light from the sun — it’s just that you get all the other colors, too, making it hard to see the glow.

Here is a YOUTUBE search on Glow Slime. Some may be different then the attach instructions. We have not yet done this, main reason why I have a youtube feed up. 🙂


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